Case Studies

Case Studies

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the leading artisans of timber in the country. Our case studies show how from wardrobes and bookcases to windows and stairs, our small, close-knit team know how to work wood to its fullest potential.

Oak staircase & Landing 1

Large Oak staircase & Landing, Horsham

The Brief We were approached by customers who were building a new home from the ground up. They had spent a lot of time on planning and new that they wanted a real showpiece of a staircase to fill the large space in the entrance…

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Oak Office 1

Oak Office

The Brief: We have customers coming to us asking for some great bespoke pieces, they have an idea and we turn that idea into the actual product. Every piece we make is bespoke and tailored to reach our customer’s needs, ensuring they are extremely happy…

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JLA Iroko gates Chichester after

Iroko Gates Chichester

The Brief: For this project, the goal was to replace the customer’s aged gates with an identical looking set in regard to the shape and style but as for the colour, the plan was to leave it natural looking. We offer beautiful woods from hardwoods…

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JLA Oak Staircase West Wittering 4

Oak Staircase West Wittering

The Brief: The customer asked us to make a staircase that would be created within a large extension they had done on their home. They wanted a showpiece, solid oak stair to connect a large kitchen with the living space above. A piece that would…

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