Bespoke Joinery for Garage Conversion

Our customer needed a variety of bespoke joinery products, from external stairs to an oak balcony, to match their garage conversion.

The Brief:

After having a new living space developed within an oak framed garage, our customer needed some additional pieces of bespoke, oak joinery that were consistent with the space, accessible and safe.

Initial builds:

External oak staircase

This lead to the following bespoke products being commissioned:

Oak doors with sidelights
Garage doors
Three-sash oak window

Action Taken:

Conveniently, most of the work was undertaken in our purpose built workshops rather than at our customers home, with the exception of the balcony.

They raised concerns to us about light in the new living space, so we advised on glass balustrades on the oak doors, stairs and balcony to extend the light from the outside, in.

Once the access and doors were finished at the top of the barn, we got onto the doors for the lower access area of the garage and the oak three-sash window.

During the final trips to the site, we fitted the glass into the stairs and balcony. We also added some gripped patched to the treads of the stairs for safety purposes as they’re external stairs, it means they’ll now be safe during wet and icy conditions.

To finish, we gave everything a sand to smooth the wood and a coat of clear, external Osmo wood sealer.


The different aspects of this project fit perfectly and are consistent with the style of the new living space. The new, bespoke, oak joinery additions do exactly what the customer needed; allowing safe and easy access to the living space without blocking any light out. They were extremely happy with the outcome, as are we.

Materials Used

  • Oak
oak balcony

JLA Joinery crafted an oak balcony complete with stairs and a fully glazed barn end with double doors. The quality of workmanship was first class along with the “can do”attitude of everyone involved, from the design to the installation. I have also had a hand made oak window and garage door frames which were of the same quality. Jim is as knowledgeable as he is friendly and I have no hesitation in recommending JLA Joinery to anyone who wants a first class product with first class service.

Anthony Breton

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