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Carpet vs hardwood stairs

It’s an important consideration – should it be carpet or wood that adorns your stairs?  Whilst much may depend on personal preference and the style of your home, there are sound arguments for both options. But if you are currently weighing up the pros and…

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Benefits of an Oak and Glass Staircase

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration to transform your hallway and landing? Have you grown tired of that rather staid looking staircase? Whether you are starting with a blank canvas, or the intention is to revitalise the existing area beyond a cosmetic repaint, then we…

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7 Advantages of Hardwood Doors

What would you prefer adorning your home? A solid, traditional, classy hardwood door or a UPVC equivalent which, with the best will in the world, in essence is still plastic! The truth is that hardwood doors – inside and out – offer so many advantages…

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5 Staircase spindle ideas

When it comes to types of spindles for stairs, there’s such a variety of choice to select from! Of course, so much will depend on the type of property in which they are to be installed. Is it a period home or a modern property?…

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