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Best Cleaning Materials For Your Joinery

You’ve gone through with your decision to have a custom-made joinery, you’ve even read our blog on maintaining your joinery, but you’re still confused about the DOs and DONTs in the actual cleaning of it…  You’ve come to the right place! Although wood is a…

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Windows blog

Benefits of Choosing Quality Windows

Deciding how and where to spend your money when renovating your home can be a challenging task. Windows are a crucial part of any home, so investing in long-lasting designs means you’ll be investing in the future of your home.  So, what are the benefits…

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Maintaining Your Joinery

Maintaining Your Custom Made Joinery  You’ve gone for bespoke, handcrafted joinery in your home and now you might be wondering how you can keep it looking perfect for years to come.  You may be thinking, but why do I need to maintain my joinery? By…

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Bespoke kitchen

Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen

January 2022, your calendar is on its first page and there’s no better time to start thinking about that home renovation project you were putting off in 2021. With planning, research and of course the help of the JLA team, your dream kitchen is closer…

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5 projects 2021 blog

Top 5 Projects of 2021

And just like that, we’re into 2022!  We’re starting the year stronger than ever, with many exciting projects ahead of us. But before we get into the swing of things, let’s look back at some of our favourite projects from 2021…  JLA’s Top 5 Projects…

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2022 trends

Interior Trends for 2022: What’s Coming Next

Without pointing out the glaringly obvious, the past two years have been challenging for us all in one way or another. But if the dreaded C-Word has taught us anything, it’s the importance of loving where you live.  In the face of adversity, your home…

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Oak Joinery

Decorating for Your Bespoke Oak Joinery

Whether you’ve recently invested in some fancy new oak joinery, or you’re planning a little refresh in the new year, having an understanding of what colours pair best with your oak joinery is crucial.  Oak joinery is very versatile and works with a range of…

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Staircase Refurbishment

Joinery That Will Transform Your Home

Bespoke joinery is one of the most efficient and effective ways to breathe a new lease of life into your home. Whether it’s a fresh new staircase or a custom made walk-in wardrobe to cater for your lockdown loungewear purchases,  bespoke journey is the perfect…

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Winter Interior Trends

8 Home Trends for Winter 2021

As the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to dial up the cosiness factor in our homes. For Autumn/Winter 2021, the JLA team have pulled together all the trends and colours that are set to take centre stage throughout the season.  From nature-inspired interiors, deep…

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Joinery and Carpentry

The Difference Between Joinery and Carpentry

A question we’re frequently asked here at JLA is: what’s the difference between joinery and carpentry? They’re both wood-based construction trades, that share a lot of similarities so it’s understandable that the two can often get confused.  There are many areas where joinery and carpentry…

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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

5 Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are the perfect storage solution; efficient and organised, they can make an otherwise untidy space look neat and orderly.  Here at JLA Joinery, we’ve been proudly installing and fitting wardrobes since 1980. Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or your…

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Autumnal Interior Trends

5 Ways To Bring Autumn Into Your Home This Year

And just like that autumn is officially upon us. It’s time to welcome the cooler temperatures, dark mornings and rustic hues. In the home, these next few weeks will be all about making the space feel warm, cosy and welcoming. Carry on reading for some…

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Cedar Porch

Unique Front Doors – Why Do It?

We all know how important first impressions are in life…well the same goes for your front door. Your front door plays an important role in your home’s first impression and can add to the value of your home, all whilst enhancing your curb appeal.  If…

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Saving Space In The Home

Ways To Save Space In The Home

No matter the size of your home, there’s probably always a need for additional space. Rather than stacking up plastic boxes to cater for clutter, or shoving it to one side and forgetting about it, we’ve come up with some clever storage ideas to help…

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listed building bespoke wooden windows

The Top Ways To Add Value To Your Home

For many of us, our home is our greatest asset, so it makes sense to capitalise on this investment. If you’re wanting to add value to your home, it’s important to tick all of the right boxes to ensure you’re adding value without being out…

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40 Years of JLA

“Teamwork and high standards spell success – that’s the message from JLA Interiors” – 27 years on and the only thing that’s changed is our trading name. Just over 40 years ago JLA Joinery was founded by my Father James Lee Allsop, with support from…

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Wooden Furniture

Styling Your Home With Wooden Furniture

Nothing stands the test of time like wooden furniture. Its unique combination of aesthetic appeal and peerless structural integrity provides it with a quality that other materials can’t match. Wood is one of those materials that can transform the mood of a room, creating a…

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Bringing The Outdoors In

5 Ways To Bring Summer Into Your Home This Year

Having recently welcomed the start of summer with open arms and as the weather seems to be on the up, we wanted to share some ideas which will transform your home into the perfect reflection of summer.  When the British weather plays ball, summer is…

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Interior trends that are expected to break 2020

To welcome the new year we’ve rounded up a list of interior trends and design trends we predicted will take 2020 by storm in the new year.  Focus on the kitchen  The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home as it is often…

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Oak Front Door Chertsey After

What your front door says about you

The front door to your property not only creates a first impression but also a lasting one and often sets the tone of the property. Rather than focusing on how you want your front door to look, think about the impressions it gives about your…

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bespoke bay window

Unexpected Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay Windows are a modern and popular style, especially in the bedroom and living room, where they are well known for opening up a room. The bay window is a protruding window structure with the purpose of increasing surface area and the amount of natural…

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Bespoke Internal Furniture

Autumn trends to inspire you

How is Summer nearly over? It’s not been the best Summer with the slightly dampened weather, but it looks like it’s ending on a high note with some days full of sun. Is it bad to be thinking about Autumn already? Don’t worry we aren’t…

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carpeted stairs & oak balustrade after 2

Staircase renovation ideas

With redecorating your home a big change that can help transform it is changing the staircase. With two ways to change it, either replacing it or renovating it there are options that can fit your home and budget. Renovating will be dependant on the number…

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Staircase ideas 1

What staircase will suit your home the best?

Interiors of home are always sceptical to personal style and what may be trending at that time. When choosing furniture or projects to work on within your home it’s always great to have them fit that. Another important aspect to keep in mind? That if…

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Hardwoods or softwoods for my home?

Choosing interior for your home can be along and difficult process. Of course, it’s always nice to find a matching wood that gives off the feeling that you want your home to, whether this is modern or a heritage feel. When talking about a joinery…

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Easter Centrepiece

Getting ready for Easter

It’s reaching that time of year were Easter has come around quickly and the first day of Spring is just a few days away – although with this weather it certainly feels like it is in full swing. We have some great ideas for you…

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Oak staircase & Landing 4

Creating a welcoming hallway

Too often a hallway is typically used for chucking coats on the bannister and kicking off your shoes. Of course, when visitors are due to be arriving these are quickly hidden. We have some great ideas to decorate your hallway and creating a really beautiful…

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Joinery trends to watch out for in 2019

We are well into the new year with having already reached halfway in February. This is a great time of the year, when it’s starting to get lighter throughout the evenings and spring is close, to start thinking of those housing renovations you want ready…

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A look back through 2018

Having just gone past Christmas we are well on our way into 2019. We have such a wonderful year ahead with great plans and some beautiful pieces you will soon get to see. Looking back at 2018 we have chosen some case studies and pieces…

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Why is oak the perfect material for your home?

At JLA Joinery we work with a range of wood and materials. We are also always open to ideas from our wonderful customers. We get to create and produce some beautiful statement joinery pieces in ranges of wood. One wood we love to work with…

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Glass Staircase

Glass as a material in Joinery

There’s a great trick that interior designers use, this being the use of glass. Why? Because glass can bring that natural element in the home or interior, reflecting and bringing in a lot of light while making the surrounding space seem more comfortable. Recently, the…

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The perfect bedroom storage

At JLA we have extensive experience in creating beautiful storage items, items that can transform a room completely. We have created wardrobes, cabinets and dressers, and dressing rooms. Storage is great because not only can it be subtle and hide away items that you may…

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oak doors

Joinery in West Sussex

Here at JLA we create beautiful joinery in West Sussex, meeting all your joinery wants and needs from staircases to home furniture to kitchens and beautiful bespoke pieces. You can see a range of our different items and pieces throughout our website under services or…

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Single flight staircase

Bespoke wooden staircases

Bespoke Carpentry Have you checked out our case studies or joinery and carpentry elements that we have created/we create? Once you have, you’ll start to see the enhanced benefits of bespoke carpentry and why it is so popular – that and how beautiful it is!…

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Climb your home in style

Staircases can be a great aspect to your home and enhance it effectively when designed and placed well, they are the transport to your second floor so should be a great centrepiece. You can actually create stairs that will reach your goals, whether your home…

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Kitchen trends that will inspire you

Kitchen Trends Kitchens are no longer just used for cooking. They are becoming a focal point of people’s homes, spaces that are not only used just for cooking but preparing, cleaning, socialising, eating, watching TV, reading the news and generally enjoying. It’s always appealing to…

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Modernise and Expand Your Space with a Cantilever Structure

Cantilever structures have been used in building design for years – most notably for bridges, balconies and roofs. To the untrained eye, it’s a technique you may well have seen in operation, without actually realising what it was! The basic idea of cantilever is that it…

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Box Sash Windows

6 Key Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

When you are in the market for handcrafted furniture, is it prudent to choose bespoke joinery over traditional carpentry? Well, firstly, there is actually quite a significant difference between the two. Whilst there is always a time and a place for a carpenter, making a…

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Creative Designs for Your Wooden Staircase

Get creative with wood The beauty of the wooden staircase is that it can be crafted into just about anything you want it to be. Since there are so many different finishes you can choose, why not let your imagination run wild! In fact, with…

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Joinery and Carpentry

Why Choose Wood as Your Building Material?

When it comes to a choice of building material, it is extremely hard to look past wood. In construction terms, it’s pretty much irresistible. Wood is naturally beautiful, adding warmth and character to any home. But more than this, it offers exceptional value for money,…

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Glass Staircase

10 Clever Stair Designs for the Smaller Home

Unless you live in a single storey property, then stairs are going to be a necessity! But if your home is on the smaller side, then a standard staircase may be an unwelcome appendage. So if you are cramped for space, how do you overcome…

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The Oldest Building in Architectural History

You can put it down simply to re-invention or the process of adaptation, but throughout various millennia, stairs have certainly demonstrated a remarkable ability to move with the times. As one of the oldest forms of construction in architectural history, the stairs have outlasted just…

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bespoke bay windows

Bay Windows vs Bow Windows

Would you know what the major differences are between a bay and a bow window? At first glance, they do look a lot alike and both have plenty of their own attributes. They’ll definitely do much to open up a room, letting in generous amounts…

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Oak Staircase

What to do with Space under the Stairs?

It’s a conundrum that faces so many households throughout West Sussex. How can you make the most of that space under the stairs? Some see it as a wasted area, serving no real purpose – especially if it’s quite a tight or awkwardly shaped opening…

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Bespoke staircase

Carpet vs hardwood stairs

It’s an important consideration – should it be carpet or wood that adorns your stairs? Whilst much may depend on personal preference and the style of your home, there are sound arguments for both options. But if you are currently weighing up the pros and…

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Benefits of an Oak and Glass Staircase

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration to transform your hallway and landing? Have you grown tired of that rather staid looking staircase? Whether you are starting with a blank canvas, or the intention is to revitalise the existing area beyond a cosmetic repaint, then we…

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7 Advantages of Hardwood Doors

What would you prefer adorning your home? A solid, traditional, classy hardwood door or a UPVC equivalent which, with the best will in the world, in essence is still plastic! The truth is that hardwood doors – inside and out – offer so many advantages…

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5 Staircase spindle ideas

When it comes to types of spindles for stairs, there’s such a variety of choice to select from! Of course, so much will depend on the type of property in which they are to be installed. Is it a period home or a modern property?…

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bespoke oak staircase

7 Ways to make a Staircase Unique

Positioned at the focal point of the home, there is no hiding place for a staircase, which is why it is an area of the property so deserving of attention. Introduce a beautifully hand-crafted staircase and you’ll be rewarded time and again – with a…

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Bespoke staircase design sussex

5 Staircase designs that maximise natural light

“Lighting makes up 10% of the average household’s electricity bill” – The Greenage Making the most of the natural light we have in our home makes it a nicer place to live, reduces our energy costs and helps the environment. Here are 5 of our…

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bi-fold doors

8 Joinery projects that will maximise your living space

Even in the cosiest of homes there could be areas of space which you’re just not making the most of. Thanks to the multitude of options that bespoke joinery can bring, you may have an opportunity to create more room than you ever thought possible….

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Joinery and Carpentry

How to hire the perfect joinery company

Hiring a joinery specialist is not something we do every day, of course, so when you need a professional you might not be sure about the best way to go about it. There are several ways to get the ball rolling, and once you start…

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bespoke oak staircase

5 Benefits of eco construction and up-cycling

Shocking data released in 2017 tells us that, as a result of climate change, the world in 2016 was at its hottest average temperature for around 115,000 years. As the sea levels continue to rise and the polar ice caps continue to melt, the need…

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Ways to maximise light in your home

Natural daylight has many benefits, not only to the visual appeal of your property but also to your health and wellbeing. Making your home lighter can be done in a number of ways, you can make use of simple yet clever tricks or make some…

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bespoke wooden windows for listed building

Frame your view with bespoke wooden windows

If you’re local you’ll appreciate there are a number of major benefits to living in West Sussex, not only do we have the beautiful rolling hills of the South Downs, but expansive beaches and bustling market towns too. If you’re fortunate enough to have an…

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listed building bespoke wooden windows

Replacing windows in a listed building

The landscape of the UK seems to be becoming more and more standardised these days, with new houses being built to fairly standard templates. Thankfully, there are still a great many historic buildings in all areas of the country, many of which are given protection…

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Oak Staircases

Care and maintenance of oak staircases

If you’re fortunate enough to have a beautiful oak staircase in your home, you’ll already know just how eye-catching it can be. The subtle colours and enigmatic grains afforded by natural oak are a joy to behold, but how do you maintain your staircase and…

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bespoke oak staircase

5 bespoke wooden staircase designs

There are many ways to give a home a whole new look, but few can make such a dramatic statement as bespoke wooden staircases. There are many designs to choose from, as well as a great range of beautiful materials. Which you choose is up…

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bespoke oak and glass staircase

How to move a staircase

Moving a staircase from one location in the house to another can be a major task, but the good news is that it’s one that can be completed, as long as you know what you’re doing. There are some important issues that you need to…

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Solid Oak Bespoke Door

4 bespoke wooden doors you’ll fall in love with

A specially-made front door, designed to your own individual specifications, provides a golden opportunity to stamp your own personality on your home. Your front door sets the tone for the rest of your home and ties together the style of the building. But above all,…

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bespoke interior furniture custom built wardrobe

11 Brilliant bespoke dressing room ideas

One of the best ways to add a personal touch to any bedroom is to install bespoke dressing rooms, and once you’ve done that you’ll want to spend more and more time here. Say goodbye to the hum-drum flat-packed normality and hello to a tailor-made…

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Bespoke Staircase design

A complete guide to designing stairs

Staircases are easily one of the most challenging and complex joinery tasks in any building, and are the centrepiece of many homes and businesses. A beautifully designed bespoke staircase can breathe new life into your home, but such a project can be highly complex. There…

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Things to consider before buying bifold doors

Increasingly popular with homeowners these days, bifold doors open up a whole world of possibilities. They maximise the natural light coming into your home, can increase the security in your home and with expert help they can be installed just about anywhere. If you’re thinking…

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3 bespoke interior furniture items that you’ll love

Creating a beautiful piece of bespoke interior furniture will give any home an individual touch that simply cannot be found on the high street. We have been helping to turn visions into reality for many years, and like nothing better than enabling our customers to…

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6 benefits of glass balustrades

There are a number of excellent options to choose from when you’re having a new bespoke staircase installed, but for many home owners, particularly those of modern homes, the choice has to be glass. This extremely attractive and highly versatile material lends itself perfectly to…

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5 Ideas for a festive staircase

A hand crafted bespoke staircase adds an elegant touch to any home, and it has the capacity to draw the attention of anyone visiting. Whether you choose wood, glass, metal or a combination of all three, the finished product can stand out from the rest…

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Choose the perfect wood for your project

If you’re embarking on a bespoke carpentry project you will most likely be seeking advice on the most suitable material, and you’d be right to do so. Different types of wood lend themselves to particular project types and choosing the right one can ensure the…

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Joinery and Carpentry

3 reasons to use a professional local joinery company

Homeowners face a number of decisions when they decide to commission a new project in their property. Once they have decided the way they want the new venture to take shape, where it will be sited and which materials they want to use, they then…

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Sliding Sash Windows

5 Reasons to reinstate your wooden sash windows

In recent years, there has been a very noticeable – and very welcome – shift back to the more traditional look in our homes. After dalliances with various styles and materials such as UPVC, many homeowners are going back to wood, and that includes a…

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bespoke wooden staircase

3 stunning bespoke wooden staircase designs

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a home is via the installation of a bespoke wooden staircase. And we have been creating unforgettable examples of these for several decades. The days when a staircase was simply a functional means to an…

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external doors

5 Door designs for contemporary homes

In many ways, opinions about the beauty of a home are forged before we even enter the property. And that’s why bespoke door designs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Home owners who are keen to make a statement tend to see their front…

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Choosing the perfect staircase for your home

Choosing the perfect staircase for your home For many homes, the staircase lies at the very heart. Far from simply connecting floors, a staircase is a feature piece that can set the decorative tone for the rest of your property, so careful consideration is needed…

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bespoke dressing rooms walk in wardrobe

Add some luxury to your bedroom

Add some luxury to your bedroom this season Did you know that the kind of environment we choose to sleep in can have a huge impact on the quality of rest we get? In fact, it’s so important that it’s become the norm to have…

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