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The Oldest Building in Architectural History

You can put it down simply to re-invention or the process of adaptation, but throughout various millennia, stairs have certainly demonstrated a remarkable ability to move with the times. As one of the oldest forms of construction in architectural history, the stairs have outlasted just…

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bespoke bay windows

Bay Windows vs Bow Windows

Would you know what the major differences are between a bay and a bow window? At first glance, they do look a lot alike and both have plenty of their own attributes. They’ll definitely do much to open up a room, letting in generous amounts…

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Oak Staircase

What to do with Space under the Stairs?

It’s a conundrum that faces so many households throughout West Sussex. How can you make the most of that space under the stairs? Some see it as a wasted area, serving no real purpose – especially if it’s quite a tight or awkwardly shaped opening…

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Bespoke staircase

Carpet vs hardwood stairs

It’s an important consideration – should it be carpet or wood that adorns your stairs? Whilst much may depend on personal preference and the style of your home, there are sound arguments for both options. But if you are currently weighing up the pros and…

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