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Joinery trends to watch out for in 2019

We are well into the new year with having already reached halfway in February. This is a great time of the year, when it’s starting to get lighter throughout the evenings and spring is close, to start thinking of those housing renovations you want ready…

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A look back through 2018

Having just gone past Christmas we are well on our way into 2019. We have such a wonderful year ahead with great plans and some beautiful pieces you will soon get to see. Looking back at 2018 we have chosen some case studies and pieces…

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Why is oak the perfect material for your home?

At JLA Joinery we work with a range of wood and materials. We are also always open to ideas from our wonderful customers. We get to create and produce some beautiful statement joinery pieces in ranges of wood. One wood we love to work with…

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Glass Staircase

Glass as a material in Joinery

There’s a great trick that interior designers use, this being the use of glass. Why? Because glass can bring that natural element in the home or interior, reflecting and bringing in a lot of light while making the surrounding space seem more comfortable. Recently, the…

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