After a year where many of us have spent a lot more time in our homes than we ever have done before, we’ve been left with a mind full of ideas as to how we can breathe a new lease of life into our homes and living spaces. 

One of the biggest focal points when entering a home is the stairs, so a well-designed staircase really can set the tone for your home. From the latest architectural shapes, to which materials are hot right now, we’ve broken down the trends you should be keeping an eye out for. 

Use Steel To Highlight 

Steel is one of those materials that works best as a modern decorative element, it works particularly well if you’re going for a more minimalist home. 

Adding in powder black steel adds interest and a cool graphic element. 

JLA Cut String Staircase

Design With A Twist 

Twisted staircases are a great way to make the most of your space as they require less space than your conventional staircase. 

Traditionally spiral staircases were only right-handed, this dates back to medieval times, however, nowadays you can easily choose the direction of your staircase depending on what works best with the space you have.

JLA Oak Staircase

Let In Light 

Glass panelling has taken centre stage this year and has risen in popularity thanks to its natural properties that bring in light, whilst making the surrounding space seem more comfortable and helping to make your home look larger and more open plan. 

Not only does glass look great in the home, but it is also incredibly strong and sure to stand the test of time. 

JLA Glass & Oak Staircase

Light Oak 

Classic light oak is one of those interior trends that has been around for years and will never go out of style. Light oak is favoured due to its innate ability to lighten up any area of your home. Its deep grain pattern is a great all-rounder and is often considered the industry standard in terms of staircase design, fitting seamlessly into almost any interior space.  

JLA Floating Staircase

So which staircase is best for your home? Unfortunately, there’s no ‘best’ staircase, it depends entirely on the space available and your style.

For modern spaces, straight stairs can work well as they are the sleekest style available, alternatively floating staircases are rising in popularity among those looking for a minimalist staircase redesign.

If your home is slightly smaller and space is an issue, spiral staircases can work well due to their small footprint, and then on the flip side, if you’re looking for something grand and ornate, a split staircase is the way forward.

However, if you’re still unsure of what staircase is best suited to your space, fill out a contact form for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to assist!


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