Glass and Oak Cantilevered Staircase

When we were initially contacted by the customers we knew from looking at the drawings on their email that this project was going to be very interesting one as this is the first cantilevered staircase we had ever undertaken.

The brief:

As time goes on and our experience grows, it becomes more and more unlikely that we encounter anything that we have not done before – this case study is one of those increasingly rare projects. This time, we got to try our hands at installing a cantilevered staircase.

The customer had asked for the staircase to be very minimalist, modern and sleek with a goal of being as light as possible in their new entrance hall. A cantilevered staircase is a great choice for these expectations as much of the structure of a traditional staircase is left out, allowing for an uncluttered and clean appearance, whilst maintaining functionality.

Action taken:

Due to the complications of trying to build a staircase that is only attached on one side, we needed to gain approval from various structural engineers and a building inspector. The JLA team handled all of this for the client. However, the design requires much less building work than your average staircase – which made up for the lengthy start to the process!

When using expensive materials like oak and glass, it’s often a good idea to template using something cheaper – for us, we used MDF to ensure everything was a good fit and no expensive materials would go to waste.


After the heavy steel components were attached to the wall and the oak treads in place, we could then fit the minimal handrail and glass to complete the staircase.

This staircase is now the centrepiece for our customer’s new build home in Chichester, West Sussex. We are very pleased with the outcome and appreciate the spacious and modern feel that this cantilevered staircase provides. With a bit of luck, we will see a few more projects just like this one in the future.

We approached JLA to construct a contemporary staircase of glass and oak for our new property. Based on a design we had seen at a friend’s home we gave Jim photographs to help him visualise it. It was challenging and presented a number of difficulties but Jim and his team overcome everything to deliver exactly what we wanted. The quality of workmanship exceeded our expectation and the staircase is the stunning centrepiece of our entrance hall. We would thoroughly recommended JLA for their professionalism and exceptional quality.

the client

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