Large Cut String Stair & Landing

The Brief:

Challenging projects always interest us and when clients approach us we always strive to reach the exact brief given, even giving more. Our ideas, expertise, designs, creations and skilled team ensure that all projects are created to the perfection that every client wants.

A developer approached us asking to create a staircase, this staircase would be a real showpiece in a brand-new development. The aim of the staircase was to wow potential buyers and support purchases. The amount of space we had was great with a huge entrance hall and landing. With large amounts of space, the possibilities are wonderful and can be a challenge in creating something that is not only different but fills the space in a modern and sleek way too.

Action taken:

We started working on designs, an important part in our creations. Designs are important in getting every aspect right, they align with clear measurements we take at the intended place and ensure the end product is exactly what the client wants. Of course, all designs are approved by the client before we get creating. Once designs had been finalised and the fine details chosen at our workshops we could begin manufacture.

The staircase design is a “cut string” construction meaning you see the typical stair shaped zig-zag pattern either side of the staircase. This was created by using two Glulam beams and then cutting the required notches for the treads and risers to fit into to.


The finished staircase and landing looked very impressive. The project consisted of a combination of visible Oak handrails, treads with painted string, and risers with the addition of metal balustrading. The elements all perfectly complimented each other, fitting well together to give the developers exactly what they wanted – a really gorgeous staircase to go with the rest of the amazing property!

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Our experience with the staff at JLA Joinery from start to finish has been a pleasure, and most professional
The ease of the initial design, the understanding of what we wanted, as a client, communication throughout the project, and the willingness to help through each step of the process was most commendable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending JLA Joinery to my friends or family. An excellent product at a very reasonable cost.

Best wishes for the future to James, Jim and the team.

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