Large Oak staircase & Landing, Horsham

The Brief

We were approached by customers who were building a new home from the ground up. They had spent a lot of time on planning and new that they wanted a real showpiece of a staircase to fill the large space in the entrance hall and landing. Something that would stand out while looking homely too.

Action taken

The huge space we had to work with in terms of fitting a staircase was a delight as we do a lot of builds that are more challenged on space. Although creating staircases in smaller spaces is also an enjoyment by making smaller space seem larger.

This job was different with the aspect of filling a space and creating a staircase that would stand out and not fit into the background.

This was a great time to feature a beautiful bespoke staircase that would be tailored to this customers’ own tailored home. The design cried out for having a double bull-nose at the bottom of the staircase, this is usually featured on just one side of a staircase as the other side is usually against a wall but given the huge hallway, this lovely detail was a no-brainer and worked so well.

Our skilled joinery team worked hard on producing the pieces and fitting the staircase as well.


As always with hardwood projects the plan is to apply a clear sealer to protect and seal the wood but also retain its lovely looks. This element combined with all the glass balustrading really made for an impressive staircase that fitted in perfectly in the space and blended in with the other Oak accents around the home.

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