Whether you’ve recently invested in some fancy new oak joinery, or you’re planning a little refresh in the new year, having an understanding of what colours pair best with your oak joinery is crucial. 

Oak joinery is very versatile and works with a range of different colour palettes. Whether you’re going for contemporary chic, rustic, or elegant interiors, there’s sure to be a combination for each. 

Keep reading to see how you can decorate for your joinery, like a pro. 

Neutral Colours 

For a contemporary minimalist feel, white or a pale grey is a great route to go down. Alternatively, magnolia and beige are often favoured in contemporary homes. All of these pair exceptionally well with the yellow undertones found in oak, they’re also great for creating a relaxing environment. 

Earthy Notes 

Earthy tones work very well with both light and dark oak joinery. Earthy greens such as sage can assist in giving the room a calming environment, great for living rooms and bedrooms. Richer earthy tones such as rust or burnt orange are great for creating more of a warmer feel, lending themselves excellently for your dining room or other family rooms. 

Soft Pastels 

Pastel shades across the spectrum can work well with oak furniture too, particularly light oak. For a feminine feel, peaches and pinks work well with oak that has golden undertones. Alternatively, blues are excellent for pulling entier rooms together and work particularly well in homes by the coast!

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