7 Ways to make a Staircase Unique

An exceptional staircase can showcase the home. Be inspired by these 7 superb ways to make a bespoke staircase unique.

Positioned at the focal point of the home, there is no hiding place for a staircase, which is why it is an area of the property so deserving of attention. Introduce a beautifully hand-crafted staircase and you’ll be rewarded time and again – with a solid, permanent fixture exuding style and quality, as well as the ability to elevate your surroundings to a new level.

With over 30 years dedicated to crafting bespoke staircase projects, JLA Joinery is here to create something exceptional for you.

Here are 7 imaginative ways we can make a staircase unique.

1. Materials (new vs reclaimed)

Using new materials can create a sleek, modern feel, whereas reclaimed materials will always add that touch of classical refinement. For the best effect, much will depend on the style and age of the property. It is perfectly possible to fashion a state-of-the-art finish using an array of hardwoods, such as oak, beech, ash or walnut. Alternatively, we are ideally placed to source and select reclaimed timbers for that authentic, rustic feel. Here’s a couple of recent projects we were lucky enough to work on.


2. Additional Materials (glass, carpet, paint and metal)

An outstanding staircase can be transformed with inventive and subtle use of support materials. Imaginative use of glass, metal, paint and carpet will help “dress” your staircase, providing it with a personality all of its own. This is one we installed for Cala Homes earlier in the year.

cala homes bespoke staircase

3. Special Features

It’s possible to really push the boat out with special features. Introducing painted nosing strips and newell posts in different colours to the core shade of the stair tread wood, are effective ways to enhance the overall appearance. We’ve just completed this project, needless to say the customer was delighted!

Oak Staircase

4. Spindles

This is an area where a true craftsman can make all the difference. Designing authentic, bespoke spindles – that can be as shaped and intricate as you would wish – is guaranteed to add a touch of artistry to the staircase.

Hand Made Metal Staircase

5. Open Risers

Building a staircase with open risers is a simple way to create more space – and can compensate for a shortage of natural daylight. Creating an airy, open appearance can also add flow to the layout of the property. Here’s one we designed and installed with a lovely glass bannister which really let’s the light fill the room.

6. Enhancing existing Features

Staircases need to work with their surroundings. For instance, if you have high ceilings, perhaps in a barn conversion, or an older property with existing beams, a sympathetically designed staircase can add charm and draw the eye towards key features within the property. We think this one fits especially well.


Here’s another example where the curved wall is accentuated beautifully by the warm oak staircase and matching shelf. The spots lights in the wall light the way in the evenings creating a stunning bespoke look.


7. Striking Wood Grain

Working with different grains of wood will always make an unequivocally bespoke statement, with each grain pattern providing a unique masterpiece of design and texture. A knot or natural blemish can be a thing of beauty. By integrating a striking wood grain will, at once, serve as a reminder that your staircase is unique.

bespoke oak staircase

We hope these suggestions sow some helpful seeds. Operating extensively throughout West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and into London, our skilled craftsmen would be delighted to work with you to create a unique staircase for your home.

For further ideas and inspiration – check out our bespoke staircases page.

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