5 ideas for a festive staircase

Here’s 5 festive ideas to help you decorate your stairs and get you in the Christmas spirit.

A hand crafted bespoke staircase adds an elegant touch to any home, and it has the capacity to draw the attention of anyone visiting. Whether you choose wood, glass, metal or a combination of all three, the finished product can stand out from the rest of the property creating a real wow factor.

Talking of wow factor, there’s something about Christmas that makes us want to add an extra touch or two to our staircases. Why not go the extra mile and show the whole world how proud you are of your exquisite bespoke staircase? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Make it brighter with baubles

Nothing says Christmas quite like brightly coloured baubles, so add as many as you want to make a statement with your bespoke staircase this year. Tinsel, ribbons and baubles of various shapes, sizes and colours will put a smile on your face every time you pass by, and will put your visitors in a festive mood from the moment they arrive. This elegantly-finished handrail complements the overall effect perfectly.


2. Sometimes less is more

For some home owners, the minimalist approach provides the perfect fit, and this open staircase sits beautifully with the plain walls. The addition of an understated Christmas tree adds just the right touch of festivity, especially with the smaller decorations placed on the open risers. The contrast of cool white and seasonal green goes particularly well.


3. Waiting for Santa…

For homes that don’t have a fireplace, there has to be an alternative location for Christmas stockings, and a festive staircase fits the bill perfectly. The stockings look delightful below an attractive line of greenery, and of course we all know that Santa will have to come in through the door using his magic key if there’s no chimney. What better sight is there to greet him with?


4. As much colour as you want

The elegant lines and subtle colours of this custom made staircase are as delicious as it gets at any time of year, but when Christmas comes around you can throw caution to the wind. This is the season for being creative, so add plenty of colourful ribbons, bright baubles and trails of green. If you have decorations left over from other rooms, you can incorporate all of them on the staircase. There are no limits here.


5. A splash of colour

Some people will look at a pristine white bespoke staircase as something of a challenge at Christmas, but others will see this as an opportunity for self-expression. This pleasingly repetitive design wonderfully offsets the plain, elegant colours, and it leaves room for additions later on should you feel the need to do more.

Remember that your festive staircase is yours and yours alone, so you can be as understated or as over the top as you want. There is no right or wrong way here, and there is an almost limitless number of potential festive staircase designs to inspire you. You can add bright lights for the season, dramatic flower and plant displays to add colour and fragrance, and of course you can incorporate some sweet treats for the young, not to mention the young at heart.


Here’s a few more ideas on Pinterest.

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