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Kitchens are no longer just used for cooking. They are becoming a focal point of people’s homes, spaces that are not only used just for cooking but preparing, cleaning, socialising, eating, watching TV, reading the news and generally enjoying. It’s always appealing to have the focal point of your home create and maintain an attractive style that will not only compliment the rest of your home but compliment you and your style as homeowners. Within the article, we have some current kitchen trends that may inspire you toward a bespoke kitchen or a trend you may particularly like.                                          


Pastel colours can go with almost anything and give that minimalistic touch that you may be going for or wanting in your kitchen. The subtle colours can add a small touch of calming colour that will give the kitchen style and can effectively migrate to other areas of the house easily.

Bold and vibrant

Teaming bold colours can give your kitchen the instant wow factor that you may be after. You can see this within one of our case studies where we created bespoke kitchen furniture to really highlight the kitchen and give it that edge that will wow guests in an eye-pleasing way. Teaming yellows with greys creates strong contrasts while making your kitchen sleek as well as modern. Bold and vibrant are very much an interior trend that could really compliment your kitchen and make it stand out.

Golds, copper and neutrals

The copper, golds and neutrals trend has been around for a while, whether you use this in larger or smaller quantities it can be a great trend to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern look through your kitchen. Coppers and golds typically go well with neutral backgrounds as this makes them stand out and become a creative aspect within your home. Some ideas on this? Why not look for cupboard handles, light shades and accessories that hold the copper and gold aspects. Coppers and golds can also work well if you want a neutral kitchen that you are able to adapt through accessories and trend changes. Although as coppers and gold have stayed around for a while this could be a wonderful trend investment!

How to tailor a bespoke kitchen to a trend you like

If you’re looking at migrating some trends into your home and want to see your visions and ideas become to life, we would be happy to discuss these ideas with you.

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