5 Staircase Spindle Ideas

Spindles for stairs come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 5 great spindle ideas to help showcase your staircase.

When it comes to types of spindles for stairs, there’s such a variety of choice to select from!

Of course, so much will depend on the type of property in which they are to be installed. Is it a period home or a modern property? Is the hall area filled with light or a little on the gloomy side? And what’s the style of staircase? Is it in new or reclaimed wood or fully carpeted? Is the accent on contemporary where glass would feature strongly, or is the area very traditional in appearance?

To help you find inspiration, here are 5 types of spindle which could each provide the perfect accessory for your staircase.

1. With their clean lines, these timeless uncomplicated square spindles would be well-suited to a range of home styling. In a painted white finish, they can help brighten a darker area whilst in a wood finish, they work equally well in a more traditional setting or, conversely, where the design is modern or minimalist. A great all-rounder!


2. Metal spindles offer endless design options and can be attractively combined with a range of timbers, or even glass. In fact, the balance of wooden stairs and metal spindles is an open invitation to design creativity and intricacy – the perfect opportunity for some bespoke styling.

Hand Made Metal Staircase

3. Chamfered spindles offer traditional styling which can appear equally at home in a contemporary setting. They can be highly effective when used in conjunction with a variety of wood finishes. If your preference is for understated elegance, then this could be an auspicious choice.

Birfurcated oak stairs west sussex

4. Go Colonial! An impressive and sturdy spindle which can add a solid, distinctive appeal to any staircase. They can look just as striking in a wood or painted finish and can be the perfect accompaniment for a wooden or carpeted staircase. Particularly impressive in an open-plan environment

turned staircase spindles

5. Or you might want to give some thought to a glass balustrade. Incorporating a glazed finish can dramatically add light and space to the home and cleverly enlarge a smaller or less well-illuminated area. With clean lines, they can look extremely striking, particularly when embellishing with today’s minimalist architecture.


So here you have 5 very different types of spindles for stairs. And don’t forget the newel posts which can complete the overall look. We hope it’s given you some food for thought, but for further ideas and information visit our staircases page.

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