11 Brilliant bespoke dressing room ideas

Ideas and inspiration for your bespoke dressing room.

One of the best ways to add a personal touch to any bedroom is to install bespoke dressing rooms, and once you’ve done that you’ll want to spend more and more time here. Say goodbye to the hum-drum flat-packed normality and hello to a tailor-made haven of style and elegance. Here are some ways to add the personal touch to this most intimate part of the home.

1. Hanging or folding – the choice is yours

Designing your own bespoke dressing room means you have access to endless storage options. This includes the ability to incorporate more hanging space or a larger area for folded items, the choice is yours! Our experts are on hand to build whichever way you decide.

2. How about a few handy little compartments?

With bespoke dressing rooms, you’ll no longer need to worry about losing smaller items of jewellery, ties or socks. Thanks to our luxury designs, you will even have space for your little knick-knacks which you have always struggles to store.

3. Stay organised with drawer dividers

In a standard wardrobe and drawer unit, smaller clothing items have a nasty habit of getting lost, no matter how organised you are. This becomes a thing of the past when you’re able to personalise your storage needs. Drawer dividers can be used to keep anything from handkerchiefs to underwear separated and tidy.

4. Become hooked on hooks

On internal walls of the wardrobe and on the backs of doors, you can incorporate a selection of hooks to increase spatial efficiency. If your dressing room design includes hooks, you will be able to store items such as ties, belts and handbags without having to worry about them getting in the way or becoming difficult to find.

5. Baskets are perfect for a number of items

One of the more intriguing custom made dressing room ideas is the use of baskets. With these, you can organise the various loose items which need to be stored but don’t need to be hung. These can include jumpers, t-shirts, tracksuits, nightwear and even handbags or toiletries.

6. Keep those shoes tidier than ever before

A significant number of people have a large selection of shoes which need to be stored, and far too many of us choose to put them under the bed to gather dust. Your all-new dressing room design can incorporate a specific area for shoes, so you no longer have to scrabble around for on the floor for your footwear.

7. Choose a shelving configuration that suits your needs

When you buy standard furniture, your needs have to adapt to the design of the purchase. With bespoke dressing rooms you have the opportunity to choose the shelving that suits you best. This is your chance to go with your own personal requirements, rather than having to go with the flow.

8. Reflect your personality with your choice of mirrors

Designing your own dressing area enables you to have the look you want, and that includes the opportunity to incorporate mirrors where you need them most. Choose a traditional dressing table mirror as well as a floor-length design so you’ll always know that you’re looking your best.

9. Let there be light, just where you want it

We have a wonderful selection of lighting options on offer when you choose a luxury dressing room design. Spotlights are perfect for when you have to get ready for a big night out, while wall-lights will set the right mood to match your needs. Hanging pendant lights can also add a touch of elegance and individuality.

10. Take a seat and savour the view

When you’re getting prepared for a night on the town, you need to sit down and take your time. Your custom made dressing room ideas can include a luxurious chair or perhaps even a traditional chaise longue, so your grooming routine can be as comfortable and luxurious as it is enjoyable.

11. Incorporate a dressing table

Some dressing room tables can dominate the look of a bedroom, but with your own dressing room design you can choose to hide it away if you prefer. Then, when you need to get ready, all you have to do is open up the door on to a whole new world of bespoke preparation.

Here at JLA Joinery, we are always happy to take you through the options that are open to you, and to discuss the merits of the luxurious, hard-wearing materials which we use. Our designs can include those all-important extras such as a practical range of power points and perhaps even a music player. This is your chance to finally have the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of, so have a chat with our experts today.

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