3 bespoke interior furniture items that you’ll love

Here’s 3 bespoke interior furniture items to add to your home this year

Creating a beautiful piece of bespoke interior furniture will give any home an individual touch that simply cannot be found on the high street. We have been helping to turn visions into reality for many years, and like nothing better than enabling our customers to express themselves and bringing their creative interior ideas to life. Here are three of our favourite pieces.

Walk-in wardrobe

A beautiful design was brought to fruition via our skilled and experienced joiners, using a combination of MDF, softwood and oak. The final result gave the customer a wonderful selection of hanging spaces, drawers and compartments, with the expansive makeup mirror serving as a focal point whenever the doors are opened.

The overall effect of clean lines on the outside and well-designed storage solutions on the inside serve as a reminder that clever utilisation of space can bring the right mix of attractiveness and functionality. The project took around three weeks from drawing board to completion, and the customer was understandably delighted with the end result.



Home owners who possess a great many books know that it’s not always easy to showcase them in the right way. In this instance, our specialists designed the shelving to include a number of movable positions, so books of all shapes and sizes could be easily accommodated. The final look is striking, and it provides a dramatic vista as you enter this particular area of the house.

The bookcase itself was made from MDF and softwood, inexpensive materials designed to keep the overall cost down. In addition to being extremely affordable, this also makes them easy to paint. Despite the complexity of the shelving configurations, the whole project took just five days from original idea to finished product.


Kitchen larder

The eye-catching use of bright yellow paint makes this larder stand out from the rest of the room, and it shows what can be done with bespoke interior furniture anywhere in the home. We used MDF and softwood for the areas which were to be painted, and clear-coated solid oak for the rest.

One major issue facing our specialists was the application of bright paint adjacent to the existing dark wall paint. Great care was needed to make sure there was no overlapping, and we couldn’t use masking tape because it would have damaged the original delicate water-based paint. After overcoming this, the final product is dramatic and wonderfully colourful, whilst taking less than two weeks to create, install and paint.


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