Interiors of home are always sceptical to personal style and what may be trending at that time. When choosing furniture or projects to work on within your home it’s always great to have them fit that. Another important aspect to keep in mind? That if fits well. There is nothing worse than getting fixed on an idea that just can’t work. Choosing a staircase that fits within your home and style can be a difficult and lengthy choice. Here we have a run-down of some styles that could be perfect for you…

Straight Staircases

These are pretty simple. Easy in the fact that there is no turn. This is great for people who may find it harder to walk up and down stairs, it’s a simple but clean design that will ensure an easier climb up the stairs. They are also often the easiest to build too due to having no turn.

L shaped staircase

L shaped staircases are built along the same way as straight stairs although have a bit of a landing and turn. Again, they are slightly easier to use than others. The wonderful aspect with this type of stair is that you can have them so that they utilise space effectively, whether you are limited on space or have a lot of it. These stairs can have a bull-nose or even a double bull-nose.

Spiral staircase

The positive thing about spiral staircases? They are very visually appealing. They are considerably more difficult to use than the other staircases. Spiral staircases can fit aesthetically with your home while using up little space and making somewhere seem more open planned due to not using up a lot of floor room. They are well suited to smaller rooms and can make the surrounding furniture more aesthetically pleasing due to the type of luxury feel that a spiral staircase can give off.

Imperial Staircase

These magnificent staircases are great for larger properties. They are built in a very large way so that multiple people can use them at once. They give that luxurious feeling and are great in big buildings.

Do you want some help choosing what staircase will fit your home the best? Or even want to change your current staircase for a new design? Contact us today to see how we can help. Or even look through some of our case studies to spot the styles we have enjoyed creating.

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