Creative Designs for Your Wooden Staircase

There really are no limits when it comes to creating intricate and unusual designs for wooden staircases. This article provides some useful ideas if you are looking to make bold design statements. Game of Thrones fans might see some synergy here too.

Get creative with wood

The beauty of the wooden staircase is that it can be crafted into just about anything you want it to be. Since there are so many different finishes you can choose, why not let your imagination run wild!

In fact, with a little bit of creativity, it’s quite possible to turn your staircase into one of the outstanding, architectural features of your home.

Wood is so flexible and versatile that you can go from one end of the spectrum to the other, or anywhere in between – ranging from totally traditional and conventional to ultra-modern and downright wacky. One thing’s for certain if you have designs on making a wooden staircase a feature of your home, then don’t be afraid to make a statement – so that the finished article is nothing short of unique, stylish, elevating and practical, all at the same time.


Now, you could go all Game of Thrones! For anyone who follows the smash hit US fantasy drama, you may be familiar with the style of the staircase in the link below, proving how versatile wood can be. It quite clearly shows you can bend, carve, sculpt, sand and polish a wooden staircase much more intricately than with any other product staircase material, creating a stunning, artistic appearance.

As a matter of interest, these shots were taken at a place called Shining Hand Ranch in Oregon. The main staircase is something of a masterpiece – with bannisters that start as oversized wooden eagles, with wings outstretched and a transiting into winding branches.

Harking back to Game of Thrones, the character, Cersei, could have used a statement staircase like this one when she took her long walk of atonement through King’s Landing to the Red Keep.

Carving and Sculpting

So how might your staircase look with the introduction of some wood carving? There really are few boundaries as to what can be carved on a wooden staircase – spindles, newels, handrails, treads and skirting are all fair game. Or what about having sculptures built on the end of the handrail or even into the foot treads?

Painting and Staining

The beauty of wood is that it can be painted in just about any colour you like. You can even introduce colour to treads and risers. For instance, you could consider painting every riser a different shade, or at least in a shade that will blend with the wood.

Wooden stairs can also be partial to staining and colour toning lacquers. In fact, removing old carpets and restoring old stairs with some careful sanding or staining can look stunning.

So what particular style should you opt for to do your own property justice?

The fact is that wooden staircases can be crafted into an endless selection of designs, incorporating light or dark woods, soft or hardwoods, reflecting the age and style of the property.

If you have any specific design ideas you’d like to discuss with us, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat. There’s nothing like a challenge and being specialists in bespoke staircases, it’s certainly one we’d be up for!


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