No matter the size of your home, there’s probably always a need for additional space. Rather than stacking up plastic boxes to cater for clutter, or shoving it to one side and forgetting about it, we’ve come up with some clever storage ideas to help you save space! 

Keep Your Home Light and Bright 

Investing in furniture that is elegant yet comfortable and functional is crucial. You want to ensure you go for storage furniture that compliments or blends into your existing decor. Opt for pale woods and soft rounded edges to keep the look cohesive. 

When it comes to paintwork go for pale colours to allow for natural light to reflect off the walls and make your space appear bigger and brighter. 

Incorporate A Sideboard

Sideboards are excellent for hiding away items that you don’t want to be seen. Opt for a sideboard with wide tops where you can add additional design features like lamps and candles.

Sideboards offer plenty of storage space – of course, we would suggest opting for a bespoke oak sideboard as it will stand the test of time and fit seamlessly into any interior space. 

Declutter With Storage Baskets 

Baskets are a great storage option for living rooms and children’s bedrooms. Luckily, they come in plenty of shapes, sizes and colours, so you’ll have no trouble in finding one that fits into your home perfectly. 

Additionally, baskets are always on trend and they are great for adding a touch of character to your room, they can be used to store blankets, magazines and plants too! 

Opt For Multipurpose Furniture 

If you have a particularly small home, you may have to think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions. When deciding on furniture, go for something that has multiple uses. For example a small desk with additional under desk storage. 

Benefit from Bespoke Shelving 

Bespoke shelving is great for those tiny rooms with small walls which can’t be used for much else. These work great in the kitchen and bathroom – for example, we recently completed these bespoke kitchen shelves

They act as a brilliant design feature for additional storage. We went for a light oak material to keep the space looking as open as possible – oak is also great for these types of bespoke projects as the visible grain of the material brings out the beauty of the wood. These shelves can be used to store anything from decorative elements, like plants to more practical items like kitchen utensils and recipe books. 

Build Into The Walls 

Building into the walls will allow you to make the most of every single inch of space within the home. 

Floor-to-ceiling bespoke shelving is a great storage solution if you’re someone who has lots of books or records. Not only are they practical, but they also look great in the home – they lend themselves well as a focal point in the home, so go wild with the colours and make them stand out! 

Having a small home shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on storage. There are plenty of solutions out there that are stylish yet practical!

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