The Brief

Oak is always a popular choice with our clients, particularly for decorative elements like shelving. The visible grain of the material brings out the beauty of the wood, with the overall appearance being pleasing, yet subtle. Furthermore, being such a dense wood, it can take plenty of scuffs and bumps without looking worse for wear.

Shelves are often seen as a simple and quick item to fit, however when they are floating, it requires us to install 30 plus steel rods in the wall perfectly level, becoming slightly more tricky.

Action Taken

As always we started this project by cutting the oak bespoke to size in our Sussex workshop. Once on-site, we began to laser level the steel rod positions on the wall, getting them drilled and glued in. We also machine grooved in the underside of the shelves, allowing us to install LED strip lights, adding an extra homely touch to the counters.


The finished shelves fitted in seamlessly within the kitchen and the addition of the lights brought the room together.

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