Bay Windows are a modern and popular style, especially in the bedroom and living room, where they are well known for opening up a room. The bay window is a protruding window structure with the purpose of increasing surface area and the amount of natural light that can enter the interior of your home. They generally compromise of 3 windows, one middle picture window and then two side windows called flankers. These windows are also proven popular because they can make an interior look more spacious. Besides these benefits, bay windows also have hidden benefits to them.

energy saving

An additional perk of increasing the natural light in your interior is that it can lead to saving energy. Due to the way they are efficient at reducing heat loss, keeping your home warmer which can also help reduce your heating bill. Bay Windows create ventilation for a room as they offer the option of having two operating windows, proving they are not only good at keeping heat in your home but cooling it down too.

natural light

Natural light has many additional health benefits, this includes improving your comfort, productivity and assists in regulating human circadian rhythms for a better night’s sleep. The more natural sunlight you are gaining through bay windows means you are more likely to spend less time under unnatural fluorescent lighting. Although fluorescent lighting is generally recognized as safe, too much exposure to this lighting can be deemed as a risk for migraines and eye strain.

It’s no secret that natural lighting boosts the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D, a vital nutrient that has reduced heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. Mental health and sleep quite often go hand in hand, so it’s even less surprising that natural light affects both.

home value

Bay windows are a great and stylish way to add value to your property since they often make the property feel larger on the interior. These windows can also double up as a cosy window seat, which is often seen as an extra living space. Bay windows can also be seen as a luxurious stylish statement, adding value and also a desirable touch to your property. Specialty windows offer an architectural touch, which is considered a step above standard windows.

At JLA Joinery, we specialise in the design, craft, and installation of bespoke bay windows, so if you’re thinking of adding a bay window to your home, contact us today!

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