We are well into the new year with having already reached halfway in February. This is a great time of the year, when it’s starting to get lighter throughout the evenings and spring is close, to start thinking of those housing renovations you want ready for summer. We have some great joinery trends that are to become apparent within 2019.

The minimalistic trend

The minimalistic trend is still with us and reluctant to leave with many interior inspiration designs coming from this. This can mean smart storage units that are clean cut and fit well within the house design, Minimal materials used to create beautiful joinery pieces and statement pieces as well as lighter colours that reflect light well and make a room seem more spacious.

Minimalist design inspired exteriors, including windows and doors, seem to be joining the trend this year which will be something to look out for. Colours like lighter greys and large windows that let in a great amount of light.

Big windows and door

Big windows and doors are hitting the 2019 trends. This is doors with full-length windows either side, bay windows and bi-folding doors. Aspects like this can be wonderful centrepieces of a home. The front of a house can sometimes become less focused n than the interior but with large windows and doors, this helps with the first look and feel of a home. Big windows and doors help with the creation masterpieces upon looking at a house, they can be a real statement not just to visitors but those passing too.

Metals and woods

We have created some staircases with these elements previously and in 2019 a combination of metal and wood staircases are set to become trending. The materials complement each other perfectly and the end creation can become outstanding and a real show stopper piece. The elements work well together and complement each other effectively. They are also sturdy materials that have a lasting effect.

Feel free to drop us a message and contact us with your joinery plans and see how we can help.

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