I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say the past year has made us appreciate our homes that little bit more. It should be a place to relax, switch off and somewhere you enjoy spending time. 

A crucial part of feeling at home in your space is furniture. It plays a huge role in pulling any room together in terms of both looks and functionality. 

Therefore it’s important to invest in timeless pieces that you love. The last thing you want to be doing is replacing your furniture every few years due to poor quality or changing trends. Instead, invest in high quality, bespoke furniture, which will stand the test of time and give your home that luxury feel. 

What Is Bespoke Furniture?

Bespoke can be quite a broad term, it’s often used to refer to handmade things. But for furniture to be truly bespoke, it needs to go beyond just being handmade. It’s custom made and designed for you and your space, meeting your exact needs. It’s created after you place an order and to your exact specifications. 

4  Reasons Why Bespoke Furniture is The Right Choice 


High-quality materials are at the heart of all our bespoke furniture projects. The materials used in truly bespoke furniture are of the highest quality, chosen to make your home look and function its best. 

When choosing JLA Joinery for your bespoke furniture projects, we put the power in your hands when it comes to the overall look and feel of your piece. There are so many options to choose from when deciding which material is right for your bespoke project, but we’re always on hand to help! 


Bespoke furniture is a cut above regular furniture when it comes to quality. All of our bespoke pieces of furniture are made to measure and designed to meet your exacting needs. 

With quality, comes longevity. Cheap, flatpack furniture often breaks and damages easily, therefore you may find yourself replacing it every few years. We can assure you that any bespoke furniture project carried out by us, will stand the test of time. It’ll be a true investment piece, which could even be passed through the generations! 

Personal Service 

Although flatpack furniture claims to be easy to build and install, it’s not always as easy as it looks. 

Getting your furniture bespoke designed will take all of this stress away! Bespoke design services mean that your pieces can be delivered and installed for you, saving you a whole lot of stress. 

Additionally, there is an extra personal touch when it comes to furniture design. You will work closely with both myself and the team every step of the way to ensure that your furniture is exactly how you envisioned it – something not possible with shop-bought furniture. 

Enjoy A Luxury Touch

All of these factors combined will mean you can enjoy a more luxurious touch to your home. You won’t just have any old furnishings in your home, they’ll have a high-end look and feel. 

Here at JLA bespoke, high-quality design is where we’re at. With over 40 years of experience in great fine furniture making and joinery, you can rest assured that when opting for a bespoke design with us that you’ll get exactly what you envision. 

We design and build completely custom-made furniture, allowing you to express your style in your home. 

Get in contact with us to discuss your next bespoke furniture project!

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