The Case for Upgrading Your Stairs Instead of Replacing Them

Is your staircase looking dated, but the thought of replacing them giving you a headache? Don’t make any hasty decisions, look at our recommendations regarding upgrading – not replacing!

Is it possible to improve your current staircase, which is looking worse for wear, instead of ripping it out and starting again? Yes, absolutely!

Replacing the whole apparatus in its entirety can be an expensive exercise – and could be completely over the top if the stairs are still structurally sound. A much cheaper alternative would be to upgrade the existing stairs. For a fraction of the price – not to mention the time involved – you’d be amazed at what can be achieved with a creative overhaul.  Often with just a little tweaking here and there.

Introducing full facias, new treads, bolsters, spindles, different shades – a little can go a long way in making a big improvement.

So, yes, it is perfectly viable to lift your staircase to new heights (not literally, of course!). And not necessarily in the style of a stately home, but certainly in a way that could dramatically improve the current offering – perhaps to give the stairs a new lease of life before putting your home up for sale?

For the Older Property

Say you live in a Victorian or Edwardian property where the existing staircase has done a sterling job. Replacing the old, chipped or worn rails and spindles with some new replica period fittings will immediately give the stairs a welcome facelift.

From elegant Georgian-styles or decorative spindles to polished oak or glossy white-painted handrails, there is a range of options. You could even mix things up a touch and add a modern twist, by combining contemporary wooden handrails and newel posts with metal spindles and fittings.

A Touch of Glass

You don’t need to live in some swanky pad overlooking the London skyline to have glass featuring in your property. Sleek glass panels can appear equally at home in more modest homes – and you should never be afraid to give it a try.

Glass can be a perfect stablemate alongside metal or wood, or both, transforming an outdated staircase into something brighter, visually attractive and fit for the 21st century. Glass panelling, for example, can come in a variety of stylish options. It could be coloured, smoked, etched or clear. All very contemporary!

Introduce Lighting

For a really cutting edge look, you might even consider accessorising stair treads and balustrades with small lights. Not only will they add brightness, but they can also provide a practical, safety option at night.

Back to Basics

If your stairs are dressed in carpet that’s become threadbare, depending on the quality of the wood beneath, you might actually be hiding away a wonderful feature that really should be shown the light of day. Treated hardwood stairs, for instance, can offer a classy appeal and may even provide a more open appearance. 


It’s worth pointing out that any staircase alterations you make may need to comply with certain building regulations. That’s why it pays to employ expert installers who’ll be ‘au fait’ with all the required formalities, to ensure everything is built to legal standards, and that any adaptations are safe and secure. We’d be happy to advise you on this. For further information go to

Get the whole thing right – and you will have created a superb new feature in your home – in a timely and inexpensive fashion. It could even add value to the sale price!

So if a replacement staircase is out of the question, certainly don’t give up on the idea of an upgrade.

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