Having just gone past Christmas we are well on our way into 2019. We have such a wonderful year ahead with great plans and some beautiful pieces you will soon get to see.

Looking back at 2018 we have chosen some case studies and pieces we have designed and produced with our expert joinery team. Hopefully, this will give you some homely inspiration for 2019.

Cantilevered Staircase

We created a beautiful cantilevered staircase. This included gaining approval from structural engineers and building inspectors due to the complicated design and it only being attached on one side.

The staircase involved using heavy steel components, beautiful oak and glass as well. The pleasing outcome was a spacious and modern staircase that provided a good amount of light reflection and really opened up the hallway space. 

Iroko Entrance Gates

Creating entrance gates is a great task as this is the first aspect that is viewed by people when looking at or entering your property. This case study was a great reminder of how high quality our work is due to it being a returning customer. These gates were to be an automated large set made from beautiful Iroko hardwood.

This project involved convening with a local automated gate company to get the correct dimensions and hinges. We love working with other companies that we trust and have great expertise.

The outcome was some wonderful Iroko hardwood gates. These gates had no finish applied upon customer request. The woods are naturally oily so great at withstanding any elements.

Oak Front Door

Back in May, we created a stunning large oak front door and frame. The door was different in the fact of having different aspects of a clear coated oak internally and a dark red/brown finish externally to match the existing windows and external woodwork. The internal clear coat finish matched the staircase we also created for the customer perfectly, complimenting the home well. 

Have a look back at this case study to also see the beautiful staircase we created to go with it, the staircase was a little more complex due to branching off in different areas but it is always a great challenge to create and fit something a little different.

Oak Office

We love a bit of diversity in our creations. This one was a wonderful challenge and the outcome was beautiful. This bespoke case study was created and tailored to our customers’ needs ensuring their happiness with the result.

A nice oak office was created within a fairly tight room, our extensive experience ensured we would be able to fit a great oak office within a space limited room. The units, doors and worktops were created within our workshop and then fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle within the office space. Once the final piece went into place it was easy to see that we had turned a small room into a beautiful, useable bespoke Oak office.

Oak office 3

What a wonderful 2018. We hope you have had a wonderful year too and look forward to some beautiful creations in the new year. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and what you would like to see in your home.


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