Iroko Entrance Gates

Previously, we had made a beautiful oak door for a client. They liked our work so much, they invited us back! And this time, for a very interesting project – automatic entrance gates. Take a look at our collaborative journey with a local automatic gate company below.

The Brief:

We always like it when previous customers come back to us for a new project – it reminds us just how high-quality our work is. We recently completed another project for a returning customer, this time, for a set of large, automated gates made from beautiful Iroko hardwood.

Action Taken:

After we received the brief for this project, we spoke to a local automated gate company to discuss dimensions and hinges. We brought this company into the project for their expertise in electric automated gate systems, so we could concentrate solely on crafting the two required bespoke gates back at our workshop.


Back in the workshop, we got onto the task of constructing the gates and once this was done, we handed them over to the automated gate company for the installation. They fitted all of the clever components that allow for the gate to open at the touch of a button, combining our craftsmanship with their technology.

No finish was applied to the Iroko wood, as it is a naturally oily wood, which makes the gates much more capable to deal with whatever the elements may throw at them. Over time, the finish on the gates may inherit a slightly grey tinge, but as this was requested by the customer, we chose not proceed as we would usually, by coating the material in clear sealer to keep a fresh timber finish.

Materials Used

  • Iroko

We are so pleased with the front gates JLA have made for us.  Their craftsmanship is truly amazing and of the highest standards!  Well done JLA, we will be back again soon….”

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