Oak front door and staircase, Horsham

The Brief:

The job? To not only create a large oak front door and frame but to also create the ever popular oak and glass staircase that the door would be opening on. The front door showed different aspect by having clear coated oak internally and a dark red/brown externally that would match the existing windows and external woodwork. 

Action taken:

First, we went to the site and extensively measured up everything and discussed designs and layouts for both the stairs and door.

Once the plans/designs had been finalised and the customer was happy we got back to our workshops, ordered the timber and set about manufacturing.

The job and site fitting took a long time due to priding ourselves in perfection. Our expertise helped when the stairs where to be fitted due to them. The stairs were built within existing walls and branched off in separate directions at the top. This proved fiddly to fit, but as always JLA Joinery got around any problems and fitted everything securely and discretely. 


The finished project – both stairs, door and door frame – reflected well on the time and effort that had gone in, they looked lovely. We then coated the exterior of the door and frame in the stain that we mixed to match the existing windows. We intricately used a clear seal on the internal parts of the door and frame as to compliment the stairs well.

Finally, we worked alongside the customer’s electrician who installed some LED strip lights In the stairs which can be seen within the finished pictured. This made the stairs stand out along with a carpeted runner the customer had opted for which looked great with the oak. The stairs have a beautiful look of oak with the underfloor comfort of a carpet.

“We used JLA for our Oak front door and stairway, the great advantage in using JLA was they do any number of site visits and work around main contractors to fit and deliver a superb piece of woodwork. I would use JLA again and fully recommend them to anybody making that difficult decision.”

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