Oak Office

The Brief:

We have customers coming to us asking for some great bespoke pieces, they have an idea and we turn that idea into the actual product. Every piece we make is bespoke and tailored to reach our customer’s needs, ensuring they are extremely happy with the end result.

This customer came to us wanting a nice oak office, this was to be custom made as to fit within the fairly tight room available.

We love a challenge and have extensive experience in being able to make nearly any item fit almost anywhere. We were confident that we would be able to give him the office that he wanted.

Action taken:

We talked through the customer’s vision of what they wanted to ensure we would get the exact look that they were looking for. This included several meetings to go through the finer detail and make any adjustments needed to be able to issue a fixed quote. We find this helps us reach a high customer satisfaction level as we can really make their ideas become reality.

Once the fixed quotation was accepted by the client it was all-hands-on-deck. Our skilled team worked hard in our workshops making everything we could as to make on-site making and fitting minimal, this helps minimise disruption in your home, we always love a happy customer and do what we can to ensure this!


Once we got to the site along with all the units, doors and worktops etc. that we had created within our workshops we set about fitting it. This took a couple of days and fitted together like a large jigsaw puzzle. Once the final piece went into place it was easy to see that we had turned a small room into a beautiful, useable bespoke Oak office.

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