At JLA we have extensive experience in creating beautiful storage items, items that can transform a room completely. We have created wardrobes, cabinets and dressers, and dressing rooms. Storage is great because not only can it be subtle and hide away items that you may not want on show but can be dynamic and look beautiful too. Dressing rooms have become more popular and we always please our customers with ideas and creations that fit in any space, look great and have a good amount of storage space within them too. With the minimalistic trend still increasing people tend to look for clever storage solutions that will hold a large amount while still having that minimalistic look and bringing that defined into the home.

Dressing rooms               

If you have that extra space available or want to transform a room into your own personal dressing room we can help. We have created perfect furniture tailored to rooms, clients and the wanted style. We understand getting it perfect is key and strive to do this. Down to design, type of wood and finishes we always make sure the client is happy with every aspect we design and produce. This helps make the perfect tailored product for you.

Cabinets and Dressers

Interior furniture is important, especially if you are using and seeing it every day. Not only does it need to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye but be convenient and lasting too. Have you seen something you like? We always welcome ideas and love to handcraft items to be tailored to you and your vision. Cabinets and dressers are a great showpiece to a bedroom and it’s always great to have a dresser that is not only beautiful but has all the elements you want within it.


Whether you are limited with space or have plenty, we love a challenge and our skilled team always work closely with clients to produce the best quality and beautiful outcome that will become a wonderful talking point and centrepiece to your home. We have produced some beautiful wardrobes tailored to individual homes and the great thing is they really do last and are of premium quality.


All our items are hand-made meaning that you have a bespoke and one of a kind, we love hearing your wonderful ideas and creating them too. Creating an idea a client has is great as we can really go above and beyond to reach that vision. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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