5 bespoke wooden staircase designs

Here are 5 different staircase designs that we love.

There are many ways to give a home a whole new look, but few can make such a dramatic statement as bespoke wooden staircases. There are many designs to choose from, as well as a great range of beautiful materials. Which you choose is up to you, of course, but here are five recent projects that we are particularly proud of.

Oak staircase and bannister, double/bifurcated staircase

This staircase is located by a large window, and the overall design included open risers to accentuate the light. The beauty of bespoke wooden staircases is that they can be designed for the individual needs of specific homes, and this is one that’s particularly suitable for larger homes where space isn’t likely to be an issue.

bespoke warm oak staircase

Walnut wood with glass balustrade, U-shaped design

Smaller, partially enclosed spaces can still benefit from a cleverly designed staircase, and this eye-catching combination of walnut and glass is a shining example of what can be achieved. The walnut offers durability so it’s built to last, and the glass gives the whole finish an elegant flourish.

bespoke oak staircase

Oak wood staircase with glass balustrade, L-shaped design 

The shape of this staircase is pleasing to the eye, and it helped to create something of a masterpiece in a rather limited space. The position of the landing adds to a sense of privacy, and there are many who believe that L-shaped staircases are safer, particularly for elderly or infirm homeowners. The glass balustrade helps to maintain a light, airy atmosphere here.

bespoke oak and glass staircase

Oak wood with glass balustrade, straight staircase

The simplistic design of bespoke wooden staircases like this is perfect for homes which have adopted a minimalist approach. If there are fewer than 16 risers and the staircase height is less than 12 feet, there will be no requirement for a landing, so the flow of the staircase need not be interrupted. Straight staircases are easier and less complex to create than other designs.

Straight staircase

Oak staircase, curved design

This may have been a little more complex in design, but the overall effect is one of intense beauty. The elegant lines and contemporary look give the staircase an interesting feel, especially perhaps because it’s lined by solid walls. Neutral colours, solid oak risers and subtle lighting make this one of our favourite bespoke wooden staircases of all.

Curve staircase

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