Bespoke Carpentry

Have you checked out our case studies or joinery and carpentry elements that we have created/we create? Once you have, you’ll start to see the enhanced benefits of bespoke carpentry and why it is so popular – that and how beautiful it is! If you aren’t really considering to completely changing your staircase but do want a new style, why not think about renovating your current staircase? Bespoke carpentry is great for many reasons, linking this to the creation of staircases here are just a few of them;

Personalisation to meet you

Bespoke carpentry means that you’ll have a piece that is completely tailored to you, it will almost seem like artwork within your home. The staircase will be completely created around you, your ideas and your inspiration. Choose your own style and your favourite wood and we’ll be able to create a staircase that looks beautiful, elegant and exactly, if not better than you imagined.

Ensuring quality

Quality is always important, especially when building your dream home or changing the interior with the thoughts of it lasting. The pieces that we create are not only bespoke but we only use the best quality of materials including woods to create them. This means they will last longer, still looking beautiful years down the line. By ensuring quality we can make sure that you’ll never get bored of walking up those stairs.

Fashion and trends

It’s always great to have a home that when people enter it they say how on trend it is and that it looks like it’s come out of a catalogue. Choose your favourite trend and we’ll help create a bespoke wooden staircase with the trend in mind. We can make wood look elegant and modern or have that heritage twist. Bespoke carpentry can be fashionable with keeping the important functional elements within it too.


Bespoke carpentry makes sure that the staircase or item you get created isn’t just a mass-produced item. The staircase will be handmade, ensuring quality and that it is one of a kind, helping make your home really your own and adding those finishing touches that always get your house guests asking where you got it from. The staircase will be made to match to you and your home, and don’t forget made to measure too! Limited on space and want your stairs to take up less room or want a beautiful centrepiece with smart on trend wood? Contact us…

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