Replacing windows in a listed building

Here’s a few things to consider when replacing windows in a listed building

The landscape of the UK seems to be becoming more and more standardised these days, with new houses being built to fairly standard templates. Thankfully, there are still a great many historic buildings in all areas of the country, many of which are given protection via listed building status. Making alterations to such properties can be a little more complex than usual because you may need permission from the authorities.

Here at JLA Joinery, we have been supplying and fitting replacement windows for Grade 1 and 2 listed properties and many period properties throughout West Sussex for many years. During this time we have built up a great deal of knowledge and experience of this highly specialised sector, so if you’re looking for a local joinery company which understands the issues at hand, we can help you right from the start.

Building regulations and conservation law

The rules regarding planning permission for any work on listed buildings are there to protect the natural beauty and aesthetics of older properties and it’s important that your project remains compliant with all relevant regulations. If there is any doubt, we strongly advise that you contact the local authority first, because you won’t want to fall foul of the rules after the work has been completed. This is something we can guide you with.

The simplest and best advice would be to stick with the style of window that you already have and match it perfectly or if the whole property needs replacements then it might be possible to change the style of all of them, but this then needs plans to be submitted to the particular council department – this process can take months and include numerous letters, emails, time and cost dealing with the council and planning authority. 

Should you decide to apply for planning permission you can visit the listed buildings planning portal or the conservation area planning portal.

Bespoke windows to fit in with the overall style of the home

As you can probably guess, replacing windows in a listed building is not usually a job for the major window replacement companies, in part because of the size and shape of windows in older properties. Modern homes feature standard window apertures, but those which are listed are likely to need windows of more unusual dimensions. Bespoke windows will need to be created, and as mentioned above, they will need to fit in with the existing look of the property as a whole.

How can we help?

You’ll know that it’s all about the personal touch with complex projects. Our in-depth knowledge and many years of experience are invaluable when you need a job that’s a little different from the norm. Single windows, complete sets and even doors can be replaced by newer versions which fit in perfectly with the overall style and pay attention to every fine detail.

Our Sussex joinery specialists will be able to offer you advice and guidance on how best to replace windows in a listed building. Your new-look home will be in keeping the original design, and thanks to our use of the very finest materials it will last for many years to come. Visit our windows page and scroll down for some examples of our recent work.



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