Here at JLA we create beautiful joinery in West Sussex, meeting all your joinery wants and needs from staircases to home furniture to kitchens and beautiful bespoke pieces. You can see a range of our different items and pieces throughout our website under services or throughout our case studies. We love creating high quality thought out pieces that fit into the different homes we create for. We always have happy clients and lasting beautiful quality pieces. Let’s go through just a few of the great services we offer.


We make sure that the Joinery in West Sussex that we create is of a high standard at all times. We’ve created a range of beautiful staircases from renovating older staircases, to using beautiful ranges of oak creating modern ash staircases and even spiral staircases. Staircases can really become a centrepiece to your home and completely add those finishing touches or modernise the style.


We have created great bespoke pieces from sign refurbishment to outside tables and bespoke kitchen interior pieces. We created beautiful vibrant kitchen interior storage to traditional oak furniture. If you have something in mind then drop us a message and we can talk about a bespoke project tailored to your wants and needs, we are great at capturing client’s visions and making them real. We understand homes are important and having them aesthetically pleasing to you and your visitors is what we aim to do.


We have tailored kitchen to client’s home design and style, bringing them in every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction and make them a real part of the process. We feel it is important to guide the customer through the process as well, where they can choose the material, colour, style and piece. This really helps make sure the projects are perfect for the clients and that the home was created by them and us.


To create our beautiful joinery in West Sussex we use a range of top quality materials and finishes. Our great craftsmanship is highlighted even more with the highest quality woods. From softwoods to hardwoods we have a great range of materials.

Why not check out our case studies to see a great range and beautiful pieces that we have created.

Feel free to contact us to talk about a project for you and your home where we can tailor every aspect to you and create a beautiful piece that will fit perfectly into your home.

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