It’s reaching that time of year were Easter has come around quickly and the first day of Spring is just a few days away – although with this weather it certainly feels like it is in full swing. We have some great ideas for you to transform your home into the perfect reflection of Spring, with those perfect colours and decorations that will create a welcoming spring influenced homely interior.

Easter table ideas

A centrepiece to your beautiful table will fit perfectly within your home, enhancing your kitchen or dining room. Oak tables are great as Easter colours really compliment them and you can go for a centrepiece rather than covering your table with a table cloth. This helps show the beautiful wood as well as putting some décor into the room and showing off a beautiful Easter inspired centrepiece. This can be floral, include different colours or be more contemporary.

Transform your fireplace

Fireplaces are a great place to enhance with decorations and statement pieces. With lots of Easter props around you can utilise the shelves and space around the fireplace to put in those Easter colours. A mantlepiece is a great space to use as sometimes it can look a little bare. With putting decorations and other items on this you are not only creating a great space and fireplace to look at but lightening up the whole room.

Taking advantage of storage units

Accessories can be placed on storage shelves in the space left such as shelves or the tops of the shelves to add that subtle touch to rooms. This can also help make your shelves look artier my adding ornaments and art pieces within the unused shelves. These can work great with adding a bit of colour into a minimalistic room or generally just enhancing a storage-focused room.

Putting colour throughout your home

Add colour through your home through fabrics, these can be used in ay places such as your hallway, entrance and kitchen. What about adding some coloured curtains, some draping fabric or even adding ribbon to your staircase. If you have a bull-nose at the bottom of your staircase what about putting Easter inspired ornaments or colour to the corners of these. There are so many ideas to create a spring inspired décor around your home. Give it a go yourself and see how you get along with it!

Do you have a home project that you want ready and fresh for another upcoming holiday? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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