6 benefits of glass balustrades

If you’re contemplating a bespoke glass staircase here are six reasons to say yes.

There are a number of excellent options to choose from when you’re having a new bespoke staircase installed, but for many home owners, particularly those of modern homes, the choice has to be glass. This extremely attractive and highly versatile material lends itself perfectly to home décor, so if you’re contemplating a bespoke glass staircase here are six reasons to say yes.

Let there be light 

In many homes, the lower and upper hallways can be dark, but the installation of a custom-made glass staircase can transform what was a dull space. The entrance hall provides the first impression for visitors, and glass balustrades can add a touch of elegance as well as letting light flood the area.

Welcome to a new era

For owners of older properties, a beautiful glass balustrade will provide immediate modernisation in perhaps the most crucial area of the house. The classy contemporary look that comes with a bespoke glass staircase will make a powerful statement that can in turn change the way the whole property looks and feels, bringing it up to date.

So easy to keep clean

Not only do glass balustrades look fabulous, they are also easy to keep clean. Commercial glass cleaning products along with a lint-free cloth are all you need to keep your new installation in tip-top condition. Maintaining that just-installed look really is a piece of cake.

Mastering the illusion of space

When incorporated into various domestic designs, glass has the advantage of making everywhere look more spacious, and this is a major plus in hallways and landings. Even the smallest area can be made to look roomier, so be sure to consider this option with your next home design project.

So strong, so durable

As well as looking wonderful, a glass balustrade is exceptionally robust. Your new installation will last for many years, and will require little or no maintenance. Every hand made glass staircase looks elegant, of course, but it’s worth remembering that it can take knocks without suffering any permanent damage.

A perfect complement to other materials

Glass balustrades provide the perfect accompaniment to any other materials which are included in your new installation. Wood, metal and stone may be used for the risers, handrails or banisters, and the addition of sizable expanses of glass will compliment the overall look. There’s also the option to use opaque or patterned glass also.


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