There’s a great trick that interior designers use, this being the use of glass. Why? Because glass can bring that natural element in the home or interior, reflecting and bringing in a lot of light while making the surrounding space seem more comfortable.

Recently, the material has become increasingly requested during installation and design of staircases and other interior household furniture or interior pieces. Glass seems to be a growing trend due to these possible aspects it can add into the home.

With the light that glass naturally reflects and brings in, it can make rooms and spaces look larger and more open planned. 

Illusions in materials

With the different illusions that can be created by glass such as utilising the surrounding light and space, the material really is able to change a room.

Staircases incorporating the material are particularly great in darker corridors and spaces due to the benefits that they can bring into that area.

We have created some beautiful oak and glass staircases, glass mixed with a lighter wood can really modernise a home and looks beautiful. The mixture of materials can really create a centrepiece within a home.

We have also created some wonderful interior storage solutions such as wardrobes with mirrors on them. Mirrored wardrobes are great as they reflect the light and room making rooms that may be limited by space seem larger, even adding a good amount of depth to the room.

Modernising with glass

The material is seen as modern, sleek and a premium item when bringing it into the interior. We work around you, listening to your ideas and wants on your interior piece and work the glass around this. Reflective or transparent materials are great at making space look bigger too as you don’t have that material barrier that balustrading can give.

We produce beautiful interior pieces and staircases that will enrich the home and can ensure our customers that each aspect is completely compliant and safe. We understand how sceptical you may be of using glass within home interiors but we always ensure safety.

Contact us

We love working with a range of materials at JLA Joinery and are able to adapt elements of materials to tailor around customer projects.

Why not contact us with your idea of using this great material that can open up your home.

We create bespoke and tailored items to you and your home. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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