Add some luxury to your bedroom

The one important thing we must remember when furnishing our bedrooms is that just because there isn’t much space, doesn’t mean we can’t ‘have it all’. Read our article on how to add some luxury to your bedroom.

Add some luxury to your bedroom this season

Did you know that the kind of environment we choose to sleep in can have a huge impact on the quality of rest we get? In fact, it’s so important that it’s become the norm to have a room entirely devoted to sleeping – the bedroom. Of course, it’s not all about sleep. We associate bedrooms with rest, comfort and escapism too, so it’s important to get them ‘right’.

Often, bedrooms are the most difficult rooms to design and furnish because there are so many boxes that must be ticked. They must have a bed, preferably somewhere to keep clothes and laundry, and lots of other storage space for trinkets, books and accessories. So where do you begin when looking for luxury bespoke bedroom furniture?

Here are a few ideas to get you started..

Fitted wardrobe

Short on space? A custom fitted wardrobe might just be the answer to all of your problems. Wardrobes are usually such ungainly things – particularly the prefab ones you can buy in most modern furniture shops. They’re cumbersome and take up so much space. With a bespoke fitted wardrobe you can maximise your storage and space at the same time. Often, fitted wardrobes simply become ‘part of the wall’ and can incorporate many other bespoke furniture, such as dressing tables and drawer units.

Bespoke Furniture/cabinets

Cabinets can become so much more when they’re handcrafted and built for purpose. Not only can you use them to store valuables and show off ornaments and trinkets, they can really make a statement as a feature piece too. Just because you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom doesn’t mean you should rule out a cabinet, it simply means you’ll need to get creative to incorporate one. Most bespoke joinery companies will be more than happy to help, and are used to working with limited space and specifications. Bespoke furniture will be sure to grab the attention of your friends.

Custom built dressers

Dressers are rather important things to have in a bedroom. They’re underrated. Not only to they serve nicely as a place to get ready on a morning or before an evening out, they’re a great place to store accessories and keep your tranquil space tidy. If you look beyond the typical furniture shop, you’d be amazed at the elegance, charm and character that a custom built dresser can have; they really are a work of art when the right kind of talent is involved.

The one important thing we must remember when furnishing our bedrooms is that just because there isn’t much space, doesn’t mean we can’t ‘have it all’. Where there are talented joiners and a hint of imagination, custom furniture can be designed and crafted to solve all your furnishing woes. If you’re not sure, or would like some tips and advice for how to create storage or simply give your bedroom a brand new look and feel, pay your local joiners a visit. Here at JLA we invite all customers from the Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey areas to come and visit us at our workshops. Why not pay us a visit if you’re passing through?

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