To welcome the new year we’ve rounded up a list of interior trends and design trends we predicted will take 2020 by storm in the new year. 

Focus on the kitchen 

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home as it is often the centre of your families day – to – day living. As one of the very few essential communal spaces in the home, it is a place for families to bond over daily tasks. Therefore it makes perfect sense why this year designers are predicting that more people will focus on the design and aesthetics of their kitchen. 

Kitchens are full of innovative design opportunities and one trend predicted to take 2020 by storm is adding a pop of colour to the room. There are plenty of opportunities and possibilities on how to do this in the kitchen, including; appliances, flooring, cabinets, islands and many more. However, choosing the right colour to match the ambience of your home is a personal experience, no one can pick the right shade for your home like you can. That’s why at JLA we build and design bespoke kitchens, from building to fitting we can do it all to ensure that you have the perfect kitchen as the heart of your home. 

Sociable spaces 

Ensuring you have the perfect place to socialise in your home will be one of the big trends going into 2020. This can be done by adding a large dining table into the home to encourage groups of people to come together and socialise over meals and over daily activities.   Although this seems like a dated and traditional idea adding a warming social space can add a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to your home, and we can help you do this by creating a bespoke dining table for your home. From hardwood to softwood and using a variety of styles and finishes we can create you the perfect bespoke table and chair set to match the rest of the interior in your home. 

Navy blue 

A rich navy blue is predicted to be a big trending colour making its way into 2020. Navy blue is often considered a timeless and regal colour. It can also be used throughout the home in various rooms in different amounts and styles to create different tones. For example, a white and navy blue colour scheme throughout the bathroom has connotations of a nautical theme and navy blue and gold in a bedroom would have a more luxurious feel. As Blue is an adaptable colour you could use this colour across your home as you please to stay on top of this year’s interior trend. 

However, we know it is a pricey job constantly staying on top of interior trends and an impossible task to constantly be redecorating your home, so why not add a little extra something to your home that saves you the hassle of redecorating but also keeps you bang on-trend. This can be as simple as adding in a new cabinet or dresser.  

Do you have an interior trends focused project in mind? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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