Having recently welcomed the start of summer with open arms and as the weather seems to be on the up, we wanted to share some ideas which will transform your home into the perfect reflection of summer. 

When the British weather plays ball, summer is a time for the outdoors, soaking up the sun and recovering from the winter months spent indoors. However, summer doesn’t have to be for the outdoors only. There’s a never-ending list of possibilities as to how you can bring the outdoors in… 

Let There Be Light

Open the curtains, throw open the windows and let the warm summer sun filter through your home. Why not change out your heavy curtains to a sheer lightweight fabric, a small touch which can make a huge difference. 

Fall For Foliage 

House plants are possibly the easiest way to add a touch of summer to your home. However, take the time to think about where they sit best, we recommend placing them next to windows, as they will draw the eye towards the outdoors and beyond. 

A display of greenery can bring your home to life, if you have space, opt for generously sized plants and maybe even consider some 70’s classics such as Swiss Cheese or Rubber plants. 

Sunny-Side Up

Living in the UK, there’s no guarantee that summer will be sunny the whole way through, so try to bring the sunshine in. Add pops of sunshine yellow accents to create a seasonal vibe – why not try adding a few statement pillows or some fresh sunflowers to your living space as a quick way to add a new lease of life. 

Let Colour Run Riot 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold, clashing colours – these work beautifully in the summer light. A tip for merging these exciting colours is to keep the volume equal, lighter colours will be drowned out when you start to throw saturated colours into the mix. 

Decorate With Flowers 

For less than your daily iced coffee, you can support your local florist and pick up some flowers which will change the whole look and feel of your home. Look for flowers like carnations, peonies and tulips to create that summery feel! 

What do you have planned for your home to get it ready for the new season?! 

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