7 Advantages of Hardwood Doors

Attractive door joinery can transform a property, especially hardwood. Here are 7 advantages of hardwood doors over the alternatives.

What would you prefer adorning your home? A solid, traditional, classy hardwood door or a UPVC equivalent which, with the best will in the world, in essence is still plastic!

The truth is that hardwood doors – inside and out – offer so many advantages over the competition, which may explain their enduring appeal.

Here are 7 compelling reasons why hardwood doors make the ideal door joinery. 

1. Perfectly suited for both modern and traditional homes

Hardwood doors will stand the test of time and can be tailored to be part of a property’s fabric – whether it is ultra modern or of period construction. With its unmistakable grain appearance and reassuringly authentic solidity, we’d go so far as to say that a residence isn’t properly dressed without a hardwood door standing guard at its entrance.

2. Doors for every setting

From front doors, to bi-fold doors, from stable doors to French doors, from internal doors, to listed doors – there really is no place in the home where a great looking, hand crafted hardwood door will look out of sorts. Outside or in, they are doors for all seasons.

3. A great choice of aesthetically pleasing finishes

When it comes to door joinery, nothing catches the eye quite like a beautifully crafted hardwood door. Since they can be constructed in many guises – left in their natural state, stained or painted – hardwood doors provide an endless choice of colours, woods, grains and styles which can be tailored to the age and style of property. From classic oak to striking beech, their feel and appearance will provide aesthetic qualities that can last for generations.

4. Effective Insulators

Given the vagaries of the British climate, hardwood makes a great insulator, a highly effective barrier to the cold and a solution for keeping the warmth in.

Their solid composition provides additional insulation qualities; either as a means of restricting sound to one area of the property, or muffling noise from outside, such as from traffic or inconsiderate neighbours.

5. Easily customisable to fit unconventional or quirky space

In the right hands, a wooden door can be crafted, shaped and altered to fit any specification. Used in conjunction with other materials, like glass or metal, hardwood can be adapted to work in any space – however unconventional. Which cannot be said of UPVC.

6. Value adding

Well maintained, they’ll always protect and enhance the value of a property. Indeed, the term “kerb appeal” could have been created specifically for the hardwood door.

7. Low maintenance and kind to the environment

A good quality hardwood front door will require a minimal amount of maintenance and, as long as it is installed and treated with care, it will last for years.

Furthermore, because wood is a natural product, doors made using wood sourced from sustainable forests are a sensible environmental choice. It is also worth pointing out that if you live in a conservation area or a listed building, local planning guidelines may well stipulate that traditional hardwood doors are used throughout the property.

For further information visit our door joinery page and here are a few recent projects.

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