5 bespoke door designs for contemporary homes

In many ways, opinions about the beauty of a home are forged before we even enter the property. And that’s why bespoke door designs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Home owners who are keen to make a statement tend to see their front door as the starting point. From this we create a unique design to begin the journey for the rest of the home.

Here are 5 bespoke door designs that we are understandably proud of:


bespoke door designs

Bespoke door designs often include unconventional frame shapes, but our years of experience leave us perfectly placed to interpret even the most unusual designs. While this particular example was a challenge, we still managed to produce a highly distinctive door that personifies true elegance.


bespoke door designs

Designed to the customer’s personal specifications, this classy door offers an eye-catching variation on the traditional cruciform design. Sturdy, beautifully-finished and noticeably unique, it allows light into the hallway via two intricate opaque windows.



Two glass side panels allows the light in, but the most eye-catching feature of this door is surely the expanse of beautiful walnut. The finish has plenty of character, thanks to the attractive grains highlighted in each panel.


bespoke door designs

A similar design to the walnut door above, this door offers plenty of light into the hallway without lessening the security of the property. Bespoke door designs such as this one give the home a delightful personal touch. Therefore making it stand out from the rest.


external doors

The unusual frontage of this house encourages imagination when it comes to  bespoke door designs. The stairs give a sense of perspective, so the door obviously had to stand out; the customer was extremely delighted with the final result, as were we.

If you’re thinking about transforming the entrance to your home, be sure to speak to the experts at JLA Joinery from the start. We’ve been designing, creating and installing beautiful doors and frames in West Sussex and the surrounding counties for more than 30 years now, and we’re happy to offer established styles or to create bespoke door designs to fit in with your own visions.

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