Working with Sail Life

Here at JLA, we hold a special place in our hearts for yachting and boating and so do our friends over at Sail Life.

Throughout the past few years, we’ve been following their journey into doing an extensive refit on their boat Athena on YouTube and were very happy to open the doors to our workshop for them recently! When we heard that Mads and Ava’s journey will be bringing them to the Chichester Marina, we knew we had to reach out and offer a hand!

The main mission of their trip was to work on their companionway. The old trim on their companionway had dried out and cracked, so during their stay in Chichester, Mads and Ava spent every evening in our workshop, hard at work to create a new trim, new washboards, and hinged doors for it.

We were able to advise them on what wood was best for their boat, how to create the items and trims they wanted, and give them a helping hand where needed. Some of the machines they used at our workshops included the table saw, the jointer, the thickness planer, and the radial arm saw. 

While Mads was working on the trims, Ava was able to use some of our tools and material to plan and make a spice rack for Athena, along with a sleeve to prevent the jars from rattling. By the end of their trip, Mads and Ava had brand new trims for their companionway, new doors, a new spice rack, and some new friends over in Chichester!

We took great pride in being able to help Mads and Ava on their journey to restoring Athena and cannot wait to see the end result! 

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