The front door to your property not only creates a first impression but also a lasting one and often sets the tone of the property. Rather than focusing on how you want your front door to look, think about the impressions it gives about your home. From colours to materials, these are all key factors to consider when upgrading your front door, it may be a small change but it can make a big difference.


The Colour of your front door can be very revealing about your personality. Red is one of the most common front doors colours. The colour red has many connotations, including the feelings of passion, desire and love, making it a very emotionally intense colour. Therefore a red front door suggests that your home is warming and inviting. Another common front door colour is blue, although there are many different shades, overall a blue door is linked with calmness and trust.

White is the least neutral of all neutrals meaning that a white front door would suggest that your home had a simplistic interior that was clean and organised.  On the flip-side, if you’re looking for a door that states you are serious, then black is the colour for you. This traditional colour sets a formal tone to your home and can even make your home appear safer and more protected.


Materials also play a key factor in the impression your front door gives off.  Unpainted wood doors can be just as stunning and affective as painted doors. These types of doors have a rustic appeal that sets the impression that your home is both cosy and welcoming. Homeowners with a traditional wooden finish front door are often thought after as down to earth and kind, which creates a welcoming impression.

Front doors that have a higher amount of glass than most are considered to be more open-minded, friendly and nothing to hide as the glass gives the impression that their home is open to all.

With the upcoming winter, a new front door will not only spruce up your exterior quickly, but it will also make your home more energy-efficient, durable and can even improve the security of your home.

When it comes to choosing the right external door, we understand how important it is to make sure that it is a stylish and secure element of your home.  Here at JLA, our skilled joiners have spent decades working on bespoke external doors, ensuring that each door is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Looking for ideas on how you can improve the exterior of your home? Get in contact with us today!

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