January 2022, your calendar is on its first page and there’s no better time to start thinking about that home renovation project you were putting off in 2021. With planning, research and of course the help of the JLA team, your dream kitchen is closer than you think!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important you achieve a comfortable and functional space, that not only lets you cook up a storm, but also acts as a place to socialise with family and friends. If you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen and a JLA bespoke kitchen is what you’re after, keep reading, as we’re sure this post will convince you!

5 reasons why a bespoke kitchen is one of the best home investments you’ll ever make… 

Premium Quality 

Most ready-made kitchens consist of low-quality materials that are bound to wear prematurely. The bespoke kitchen may be slightly more expensive than their flat-pack cousins, but due to their durability, you can be sure that it will last twice as long. From the worktops to the draws, our bespoke kitchens are made from premium materials, build to last and fit seamlessly into your home. 

Bespoke JLA kitchens are made to order, which also means that its components are locally sourced, so not only will your kitchen be more sustainable, but you can also cook knowing your supporting other small, local businesses. 

Uniquely You

What makes a kitchen bespoke, is of course the unique design. Everyone has their unique taste and style and that extends to our homes too. When you opt for a bespoke JLA kitchen, you’re not just settling for what’s available to you of the self. Instead, you are part of the design process right from the start. We let our clients decide on every little detail, from the exact size of the storage units, right down to the style of the cabinet handles. 

Whether your taste leans towards you choosing a contemporary or classic design, you can rest assured that your design is unique to your home. 

Years of Knowledge and Experience 

Bespoke kitchens will mean you have access to knowledgeable and experienced joiners and designers, who will guide you through the design processes. The JLA team have a passion for what they do and this will shine through as they guide you through the process. 

Efficient Use of Space 

Imagine a kitchen with no awkward angles, corners or dead space. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, dream no more. Our bespoke kitchens ensure that every last bit of space is maximised for good use. 

Instead of having to fit a pre-made kitchen into your space, we take your visions and create beautiful bespoke units from scratch, all from our Sussex workshop. 

Storage Solutions 

This is where your kitchen will start to come to life. Our bespoke kitchen storage solutions mean that every aspect of your kitchen will be made for you. Whether that’s integrated storage solutions for cookware, utensils, food or anything else that may need organising in your new bespoke kitchen. 

So there we have it; a bespoke kitchen is an opportunity for you to put your unique stamp on the beating heart of your home. They allow for the maximisation of space and a chance to completely transform your home. 

Looking to make your dream kitchen a reality? Contact us today and let’s see how we can work together!

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