At JLA Joinery we work with a range of wood and materials. We are also always open to ideas from our wonderful customers. We get to create and produce some beautiful statement joinery pieces in ranges of wood.

One wood we love to work with is oak. Are you planning on a project in your home? Here is why using oak could really enhance your home and what it can do for you;

The colour

Oak has a rich colouring to it and a lovely grain that has people loving the look of it. A clear finish being applied to the wood enhances the attractiveness of the rich colouring and grain. The material with the clear finish gives it an elegance that will fit perfectly within your home.


Oak is a material with great strength and has a good resistance against rotting, therefore you know it will last. With oak you know it will also not decay easily and won’t attract insect. It is the kind of material that will need little to no maintenance. This highlights how great it is to use in the home because of these reasons. It’s a material that will last a good length of time due to its versatility.

Supporting that oak will last, it is known that oak is also used within building work to support buildings through being created into beams and are still within those same building’s tens of years later.

By creating beautiful bespoke furniture with this material, you have the reassurance that the furniture will last and endure general daily use.


At JLA Joinery we don’t compromise with the quality of our materials and products that we create, choosing and bringing you the top-quality materials to then create beautiful furniture that will stand out in your home while looking elegant and being everything you wanted it to be.

Contact us to talk about your project ideas.

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