6 Key Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

When you are looking to fit a new kitchen or transform an existing staircase or you need some creative inspiration for a bedroom dresser, who do you turn to? The benefits of bespoke joinery handcrafted by quality craftsmen are outlined in this informative article

When you are in the market for handcrafted furniture, is it prudent to choose bespoke joinery over traditional carpentry? Well, firstly, there is actually quite a significant difference between the two.

Whilst there is always a time and a place for a carpenter, making a comparison with a skilled joiner is rather like asking a decorator to paint the Sistine Chapel. Joinery is all about creating detailed, aesthetically pleasing work – masterpieces in their own right. General duty carpentry, on the other hand, is not on the same scale and doesn’t require the same level of expertise.

Here are six key reasons why it is always fitting to opt for a skilled joinery team for your bespoke furniture.

1.Made to Measure

Creating the perfect fit might sound like over worn terminology, but the reality is that wooden features in a property can make a dramatic difference to home improvements. Having a made-to-measure piece means that it won’t just fit correctly and look stunning, it will also prolong the lifespan of the wood, because it won’t be ill-fitting and put under duress.

2. Matching New with Existing Furniture

From a bespoke fitted kitchen to individually crafted cabinets and dressers, newly crafted suites and work surfaces can be designed to sit perfectly alongside existing furniture. Don’t be afraid to add or embellish what’s already in place.

3. A Refresh can have cost advantages

Integrating existing furniture with new wood is not only a handy way to refresh a room or area of the house, but it also means you don’t necessarily need to rip everything out and start again. That can provide some distinct cost advantages. After all, why go to unnecessary expense when, with some judicious joinery, it may be possible to preserve what’s already in place. 

4. Individuality

A proper bespoke joinery service will make the distinction between creating a completely unique piece of furniture or design, as opposed to making something which ends up being a close match to something else. There’s no need to copy or replicate with a proper joinery team working on your project. They’ll also take care of all the drawings and plans for you.

5. Fashion and Functionality in Perfect Harmony

It’s one thing to create wonderful bespoke furniture, but invariably it must be of practical use. Working with a first-class joiner will make it possible to marry the two together – so that you’ll have stunning looking furniture that perfectly serves the purpose for which it was intended.

6.Unbeatable Quality

The devil is in the detail – and that’s certainly the case with bespoke joinery.

Attention to detail and a quality finish doesn’t happen by fluke. It’s borne from decades of experience involving master craftsmen who take an absolute pride in their work. With bespoke joinery, a quality, lasting finish is the order of the day – on every order.

And to the million dollar question – is it worth it? Well, if you want something unique, that isn’t standardised and that isn’t identical to the fitted wardrobes the neighbours have down the road, the benefits of bespoke joinery are worth every penny! If you are currently contemplating any projects, for more ideas go to


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