What to do with Space under the Stairs?

How can you make the most of that space under the stairs?

It’s a conundrum that faces so many households throughout West Sussex. How can you make the most of that space under the stairs?

Some see it as a wasted area, serving no real purpose – especially if it’s quite a tight or awkwardly shaped opening that isn’t easily accessible and certainly not big enough to stand up in.

But that needn’t be an impediment because there are many design ideas that can be brought into play to optimise under stairs space – ensuring it fulfils an active and practical function within the home.  All it takes is a little imagination.


Storage space is often at a premium, so setting aside space under the stairs for book shelves can be extremely effective – especially if the shelving is painted in the same colour as the staircase, which will help create flow and continuity.  You might also be surprised at just how many books you could store here! It’ll save them clogging up the living room!

Dressers, Desks and Consoles

Another option could be to place a dresser or console table in the space. They make stylish pieces of furniture in their own right and because they don’t generally take up too much room, they should neatly fit into an under stair area, without appearing overly busy or cluttered. Likewise, you could even introduce a small desk for workspace. Offset with some soft lighting, suddenly you’ve created a new feature within the home.

A kitchen extension or new loo

Depending on the size of under stair space, you could opt for a partition or introduce a new room altogether – perhaps a shoe or cloak closet. Or, if there isn’t already one elsewhere, how about a downstairs WC? This could potentially add value to the property.

If space allows, depending on the layout, you might even consider turning the area into an extension of your kitchen – as extra storage or as a larder.

Pet Friendly

Your family pet may have other ideas, but space under the stairs has also been known to make a great dog den. Quiet and out of the way – it could be the perfect spot for your pooch to retreat for some ‘me time’.

Keep it Clear

Alternatively, you could opt to do absolutely nothing. After all, there is always a case for keeping the space free from any furniture, features or shelving. The illusion of space is never a bad thing – especially in smaller properties.

At JLA, we specialise in creating bespoke staircases and can tailor joinery solutions to suit your needs, including innovative ideas as how to best dress the under stairs area, see

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