Without pointing out the glaringly obvious, the past two years have been challenging for us all in one way or another. But if the dreaded C-Word has taught us anything, it’s the importance of loving where you live. 

In the face of adversity, your home has the ability to bring you a sense of joy and security. In 2021 our homes continued to fulfil their hybrid role of both living and working, as well as being a sanctuary away from the uncertainty. But what’s in store for 2022? 

Here are some key themes that we can expect to see take centre stage in the joinery and interiors world in 2022…

Optimistic Orange 

Interiors for 2022 are set to be optimistic and joyful. As we navigate a post COVID world, we will look to clear out any negativity and welcome positivity – oranges are great for this. 

Burnt oranges and terracotta will remind us of warm summer days and simple carefree living – not to mention it adds warmth to any space. Oranges that have brown undertones are brilliant as they take your interiors seamlessly through the seasons from summer into autumn, giving you year-round interest. 

Nature-Inspired Design 

Bringing the outside in is something that has been spoken about a lot over the past few months but is something that will come to fruition in 2022. Bringing the outdoors in will help us feel more grounded and connected to nature. 

We saw the houseplant trend, quite rightly, bloom throughout 2021. Authentic greenery in the home has been proven to improve internal air quality, promote endorphins and also make the home look great! 

Sage The Day 

We saw nature led tones take the reins in 2021 and that will continue well into 2022. Earthy and vegetal green shades such as sage will be pared with greens with a blue undertone for an oceanic touch. 

Add texture to your green spaces with the addition of house plants – these also contrast excellently with terracotta furnishings and can be bought together with gold accents. 

Multifunctional Spaces 

As mentioned before, over the past 2 years many of our homes have had to double up as offices. By 2022, these multifunctional spaces are set to become more of a design feature as opposed to a necessity. 

Get creative with bespoke joinery and woodwork to make the most of your rooms, prioritising optimisation without compromising on space and design.

Embracing Minimalism 

What started as a habit for many of us has quickly become a popular trend. As homeowners prepare to ‘spring clean; at the beginning of the new season, they look to enhance the purpose of the room. Decluttering and highlighting only the most basics and stripping away anything unnecessary is the key to achieving a minimalist home. This aesthetic is completed further by using as few materials as possible and using texture to add visual interest. 

Looking to upgrade your home interiors this year? Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can bring your dream home to life.

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