10 Clever Stair Designs for the Smaller Home

How do you overcome the challenge of making sure the stairs are perfectly functional, whilst not getting in the way, or taking up more room than necessary?

Unless you live in a single storey property, then stairs are going to be a necessity! But if your home is on the smaller side, then a standard staircase may be an unwelcome appendage. So if you are cramped for space, how do you overcome the challenge of making sure the stairs are perfectly functional, whilst not getting in the way, or taking up more room than necessary?

Here are 10 bespoke staircase suggestions that could be put to good use within the surroundings of the tighter-packed abode, thereby optimising living space.

1.Your preferred style?

If you are comfortable with more compact, steeper stairs then these can be much less invasive in a smaller property than standard installations.

2. Make the most of your space

If you want to be modern and innovative, go for loft-style stairs. This is a great way to save space.

3. Go Spiral

Spiral staircases can make the most of limited surroundings – and they can look amazing. Wood on its own, or combined with metal, could create an appealing, practical and ultra-modern appearance and instil some real character and originality within the property.

4. Be spacially efficient

Staircases can often be integrated into tight corners and awkward spaces that might otherwise go to waste. This can make a big difference in a small home, where every nook and cranny counts.

5. Have a big landing?

If it can be avoided, don’t waste valuable space with a huge landing. With some modest adaptation or careful placement of furniture, you might be able to squeeze more use out of a hitherto overlooked area.

6. Selecting the perfect style

Cantilevered stairs are another way of overcoming cramped accommodation. They don’t require a safety rail or underside underpinning structures.

7. Lighting can be key

If there isn’t much natural light where the stairs are, you might want to consider integral stair lighting. Not only will this introduce extra safety, it could also transform the stairs into a stunning feature.

8. Clever planning

Or how about an open treadarrangement? This will allow additional light and a feeling of airiness.

9. Keep it fresh

If you prefer minimalist décor, to get the most from a smaller home, remember to keep your stairs painted white. This will help maintain clean lines and provide an uncluttered appearance.

10. Using a modern style

Finally, have you thought about glass stairs? They can give an almost invisible impression. And with the addition of a glass safety rail, the staircase will virtually vanish from view altogether.

The fact is, you don’t necessarily need to keep stairs that are overfacing. There is often a practical, cost effective and better alternative. Given that we specialise in creating bespoke staircases – for homes of all shapes and sizes –we hope some of these suggestions have got you thinking.

Meanwhile, for further information please view our Stairs page.


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