Maintaining Your Custom Made Joinery 

You’ve gone for bespoke, handcrafted joinery in your home and now you might be wondering how you can keep it looking perfect for years to come. 

You may be thinking, but why do I need to maintain my joinery? By maintaining your joinery, you can ensure a long life, efficient performance and visual appeal for the long term. Fail to do so and your joinery may start to deteriorate. 

To maintain the longevity of your beautiful new JLA joinery, take a read of our guidelines… 


We would recommend giving your joinery a deep clean twice per year. Simply use a damp cloth and some warm water and soap and gently wipe your joinery down. To get into smaller crevices, use a small toothbrush. 

It’s important to never use abrasive or harsh cleaning products on your joinery as this could damage the surface of your joinery. You can pick up specific cleaning solutions, tailor-made to work with the specific coating that has been applied to your joinery, to make life a little easier. 

General Maintenance 

Joinery that is exposed to the elements, such as window frames, can suffer from mould, caused by airborne spores. To remove, wash the surface down with a solution of water and mould cleaner. 

We also recommend checking all hinges at least once a year to ensure they aren’t stiff. If they are in need of it, give them a little oil to keep them in good working order. 


If your joinery has been damaged, you can carry out some light redecoration to fix the problem. If your painted joinery begins to flake, follow these simple steps: 

  • Wash the joinery with a mild alkaline cleaning solution 
  • Sand the flaking pain away with a fine sanding cloth 
  • Fill any cracks that have developed with an elastic filler 
  • Repaint the area using a topcoat paint 


If you have timber fixtures, it’s important to ensure that your home is well ventilated. Too much moisture can cause discolouration. 

Although these tips are excellent for maintaining your joinery, you can’t beat getting a professional decorator to come round every couple of years to give all your joinery a health check. A decorators expertise will ensure they last a lifetime! 

If you find your joinery isn’t maintaining as well as you would have hoped, drop us a message and let’s see how we can help!

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