3 stunning bespoke wooden staircase designs

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a home is via the installation of a bespoke wooden staircase.

And we have been creating unforgettable examples of these for several decades. The days when a staircase was simply a functional means to an end are long gone, so home owners with a keen eye for something a little different can incorporate some unique beauty right into the heart of their properties.

Every bespoke wooden staircase project brings with it a set of challenges that need to be overcome, of course, but in every case we have enjoyed the process from start to finish. Creating exceptional staircases which serve as the centre-piece of a home has become a passion for us, especially when we work hand in hand with the customer to help bring their visions to a stunning reality. We’ve worked on a significant number of projects in the region.

Here are 3 of our favourite bespoke wooden staircase designs.

1. Wooden Staircase

bespoke wooden staircase

There are times when a new wooden staircase provides a focal point for the whole house, and this is a perfect example. Solid, dependable and extremely beautiful, the open risers allow for light to pour in from the large window. This is a bespoke wooden staircase design that would look equally at home in an older property as it would in a brand new development.

2. Glass and Oak Staircase

bespoke wooden staircase

Corner staircases can sometimes look a little cramped, but this is a bespoke wooden staircase that we are particularly proud of. An aesthetically pleasing combination of wood and glass gives a spacious effect that fits in perfectly with the modern design of the home. The glass panels allow the area to display a discernible flow.

3. Large Oval Wooden Staircase

bespoke wooden staircase

The intricate grain of the wooden steps provides a pleasing contrast with the plain wall, giving the area a unique and somewhat unusual feel. This is a bespoke wooden staircase design that looks and feels different from the start, thanks in part to the beautiful curvature of the steps and wall.

The personal touch from JLA Joinery

Having worked on a wide and diverse range of projects over the years, we are in a position to offer a bespoke wooden staircase service that ticks all the right boxes. We can create to your own design or work hand in hand with you to produce something that will be totally unique to you and your home.

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