As the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to dial up the cosiness factor in our homes. For Autumn/Winter 2021, the JLA team have pulled together all the trends and colours that are set to take centre stage throughout the season.  From nature-inspired interiors, deep forest greens and feature walls, we’ve got all the trends that should be on your radar… 

70’s Inspired 

Rich mustard and burnt orange tones are great for bringing warmth into your home during the seasons that need it the most. Additionally, bold, retro patterns instantly add character and personality to any room. 

Being a very bold trend, it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to incorporating it into your home. Begin by adding small statement pieces, like chairs and throws before going all-in with the 70’s decor. 

Vertical Lines  

A particular favourite of mine; whether it’s headboards or bold striped wallpaper, vertical lines are set to take centre stage this season, through both decor and joinery. You’ll notice this trend is far less focused on colour, but more on shape and silhouette. 


Textures such as boucle, felt and velvet are a treat for the senses in the colder months, they provide you with that much needed comforting feeling. 

Textures are a simple and affordable way to update your home for the colder months, bring in cushions and throws for an instant upgrade to your cosiness factor. Not to mention, these additions can also be easily added into almost any room in the home! 

Natural Materials  

Natural materials are always a safe bet. The classic styles can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, they’re great for adding subtle warmth into the room. Natural materials also sit beautifully alongside other popular natural materials, such as marble, timber and terracotta. 

Feature Walls  

Feature walls aren’t a new interior trend, however, they’re still increasing in popularity. A feature wall is great for adding interest into your bedroom or a sense of luxury into the living room. 

For maximum cosiness, consider warm tones and large scale prints. 

Indoor Plants 

Plants are great for adding instant colour to your home. They’re ideal for brightening up your space in the winter months, and the perfect answer to bringing the outdoors in. 

If you’re known for not being able to keep plants alive for very long, fear not. Preserved foliage is here to save the day. Dried ornamental plants, such as pampas grass require absolutely no upkeep and are great for bringing warmth into your home. 

Forest Green 

This year has been all about reconnecting with nature, and this isn’t set to change during the next few months – green, particularly forest green, will continue to be popular when it comes to interiors. I find that green sits beautifully in any room, but particularly the kitchen. Forest green kitchen islands and bars will help bring your interior space to life. 

If you’re not a fan of forest green, experiment with more of fresh green and incorporate accents before going for the full hog and redecorating entirely! 

Peachy Pink 

From dark green to peachy pinks. 

Although pink may not be the first colour that springs to mind when you think of the colder months, chalky pinks will continue to be popular within the design world. The pastel tones work brilliantly with forest green and can transform your space into a cosy haven. 

The playful shade acts as a lovely contrast from the darker tones more commonly associated with the colder months. 

How will you be upgrading your home this season?

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